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    Default 20 Year old OTTB in regular work...

    ... my old man ;-)
    I started him on Finish Line Total Control back in August to help with the effect of Lyme. He is going to get blood work to retest the Lyme Titer in Nov. with the fall shots. I am planning on discussing with the Vet the possibility of Cushings.
    He was doing well in late Sept./ early Oct. after the antibiotic treatments were done.
    But we are back to that lack of energy feeling again. Some days are definitely more energetic than others. He really seems to feel the heat. Coat is normal (for winter) for this time of year. Shiny, he is at a good weight, maybe down a few pounds with the chilly nights but I don't want to blanket since the place I board at will be putting it on a 4 PM when it is still very warm out. I would rather him be a little chilly for a few hours than sweating under a blanket. He gets a decent winter coat so I know he is not really cold.
    He is very sound, as sound as he always has been. We do dressage with some days of jumping and some days of just conditioning. The so-so days he sometimes works out of the "blah" feeling. The days he feels really "blah" I just do lots of walking. Most days he is fine, not stiff, not arthritic, unless he played hard the day before. He still enjoys work and wants to do his job every day. He is a senior horse so he just does not bounce back the way he did when he was 7. ;-)

    So... it could be Lyme, it could be non-symptomatic Cushings.
    It could be age. It could be...?

    It could be his feed. He is on 1 qt of XTN 3X a day. He gets 2 qts of soaked hay cubes (50/50) 3x a day as he really does not like hay that much anymore. He gets Timothy hay but only about 4 flakes as he does not finish it. He is turned out every day on dirt for 3-6 hours , unless the weather is really bad.
    So , as he has been on XTN for almost 10 years, I think a feed change should be in order. I have been considering Ultium as it seems to be good for older horses and horse with Cushings. But I am interested in hearing about other feeds for active senior horses.
    I am sharing all this, again, with the hopes that some will again have suggestions on feed and anything else!
    Thank you again COTH Forum Folks!
    "You're horse is behind the vertical!"
    "Of course he's behind the vertical, I haven't jumped it yet!"
    - NLK
    "I am a sand dancer... just here for the jumps!" - Schrammo

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    I've been using Focus SR for a couple months, and it seems to help my horse. He's only 15, but has had Lyme (two rounds of antibiotics) and assorted other issues.
    I also use Smart Protect to try to prevent more Lyme.
    A year ago, an acupuncturist from Maryland did a special Lyme acupuncture treatment on him during his second round of antibiotics. This July, his titer was back to normal, dropping more than 200. She's seen similar drops in titers on other horses she's treated. Occasionally, she goes to NY. PM me if you want her phone. Treatment is one time and cost $135, probably a bit more for NY travel.

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