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    Oct. 6, 2010
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    Question Am I Over-Reacting?

    Ok so, I have a rescue mare who came home and I found out she had a baby. In any event the baby/filly is now 14months old, and has been off of mom for about 4-5months. I have found that I am having to move the mare to another facility to dry up and also train. I only have 5 acres and even though they are seperated the mare is not drying up, she has had Mastitis 3x over the last two months. So she is on nothing but grass and timothy and coastal. per vet. she has been on the same type hay and grass for two weeks straight. Once we noticed this I set up to have her moved. She leaves on Tuesday. Well tonight I brought her in like always and gave her, her hay, water, and fan on. that was at 5ishpm. I came back around 8pm and she had two manure piles both were mash potato looking. I check her temp. stomach sounds, etc., she drank her bucket of water. so I gave her more water, hay. I noticed her filly layed down in the stall next to her which is very rare, so I thought maybe she got upset b/c she could not see her I checked again at 9:30ish and she had another pile of manure and it was even firmer then the last two. this made me feel a little better. I gave her more hay, checked her stomach sounds, etc. I went back out at 10:45pm and she has not had any manure yet. Am I just way over reacting...I really doubt she has colic, she is happy, drinking water, eating, stomach sounds, but I am always worried b/c I have had 2 horses die from colic at places I boarded at and now I have them with me on my property and I guess I am getting paranoid

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    Be vigilant, but probably no cause for panic. Lots of horses will get loose stools when they're stressed a little.
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    Jingle for your horses ~ just keep an eye on them like you are doing ~
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    I would be talking to the vet about the recurring mastitis.

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    I had a mare lactate for 6 YEARS after her last foal. Went through mastitis this spring as a matter of fact. It took a long time for me to figure out it was a reaction to clover, but I wanted to throw out it could very well be a foodstuff she is sensitive to (clover and soy can both cause this). Just in case it doesn't clear up when you move her, start looking at her diet.

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