My sister's horse today!!!!!!

Her horse is 7yo friesian stallion, he just went to his keuring and got a Star status! Rewind a few months...

He was always lazy, very hard to try to get him fit if he didn't want to move to begin with. My sister wanted me to teach him to jump, but I felt it would not be smart because I did not want to "carry" him over the jump, he just didn't have the "umph" to do so.

he went to a trainer for 30 days to get him fit for the keuring, he came back fit and forward! Today it felt like I was riding a feather! He has jumped before just on a lunge line, so he some what knew what to do. But before, whenever we were on him, he just wanted to step over the x rails.

Today after she warmed him up over some poles, she had me get on him. I trotted in to it, (we has it set at 21" vertical, any lower we knew he wouldn't try) and it was like magic, he saw it, Saw the distance, picked up a canter one stride before and jumped it BEAUTIFULLY! Like he has been doing it all his life!

We jumped it a few more times then quit. My biggest goal was to get him to the jump, stay off his back, and off his mouth, and let him figure the rest out. He cantered off nicely with a good pat and loose rein!

Just had to share my joy! Next time we will get pictures!!!!