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    Default Portable Hot Water Tank

    Has anyone had experience with one of these. They run off of a propane tank and the unit plugs into an electric outlet. It's a hot water on demand kind of unit. I have seen them at Equine trade fairs such as equine affaire or Quarter Horse Congress.

    Pros/Cons welcome.

    I'd really like hot water in my barn and seems a hot water tank is not an option with my husband. ugh.
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    You can get a 30 gal. tank at Home Depot pretty cheap. They also have "on demand" units that are slightly more money and slightly less capable. Go to the Home Depot website and look around. Or Lowes. Or somebody else. Most of the "portable" units I've seen are really pricy and I'm not a propane fan (even though we heat our house with it and have up to 450 gal. of it in the back yard).

    You might want to "run the numbers" on this and it might convince your husband that opposition is not the best policy.


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    I have seen the portable units in catalogs, I suppose when you show a lot they would be nice to have, away from the barn.

    At home, water heaters are not that expensive, or the on-demand units.

    Shop around, sometimes even your electric company runs specials, just so you use more of their stuff.
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    We bought a regular hot water heater for our barn. We do not have insulation, so when it gets below freezing we need to drain it. But when you have a warm up, even if it's just a few days, you can fill it and heat the water and give baths, etc. Then you just need to drain it again. We have had to replace parts cause it's burnt out or water cracked a pipe, but we have a great handyman who has come out and done it for us so this has lasted us now several years. We use it
    a lot more than my husband ever thought - especially in spring and fall !

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