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    Jun. 13, 2000

    Default Is the economy affecting the major indoor shows?

    So do you think the economy is affecting the year end horse shows?
    It seems like a lot of the divisions for Harrisburg you just needed to have a few points and you got in. Like NAL adult hunter all got in with good points.
    Zone 2 Hunter finals were always sooo competitive. this year I see that for the adults it was an average of about 275 points to get in. I have never seen this before?
    I have never seen qualifying for the major indoors with so few points. What do you think has changed?

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    Mar. 22, 2004


    Any idea how many were in the Medal last year? For some reason, 208 for this year seems low(ish).

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    Dec. 22, 2000


    I don't remember the exact number for the medal last year (~230?), but it's been dropping over the past several years. There used to be around 300 every year. I think it's been dropping due to a combination of the economy plus slightly tougher qualifying requirements.

    The hunter divisions are for sure showing signs of the economy. I know somebody who was 15 slots down on the wait list for Harrisburg who was invited at the last minute. That's a long way to go down that list.

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    Feb. 11, 2000


    I think entries are definitely down. I checked M&S Adult Jumpers for WIHS, and there is an entry with zero points.
    Ride on!

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    Sep. 26, 2009


    most definitely. for example points for the ponies at zones was well under 1000. that basically never happens. once, my friend had 998 points and was turned away. and there were only 70 at zone 2 maclay regionals (i was told theres usually more)

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    Jun. 7, 2006


    The shows are just going to have to start charging more money to make up for the shortfall.

    Has anyone got a three digit office fee yet?

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