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    Jul. 14, 2004
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    Richard Taylor's Venture Stable ( has some fabulous things in this sale.

    Hip No.'s: 2, 12, 17, 23 & 28 are all nice animals. I've seen them and can promise you they are exactly as they are represented!
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    Apr. 6, 2006


    I hate to break it to the sellers and i wish them all the luck with a successful sale....but NO ONE is buying right now .

    I've had an imported gelding up for sale for 2 months now. Auto changes, cute mover, as low maintenance as it gets, jumps 2'6-3'6 with ease...all the potential in the world with absolutely Zero health issues (i just have no time to ride right now).....and we have yet to get more than 5 inquiries on him. His sale price has dropped from 10,000 to 7,000 in a matter of a few weeks. I have only the 2nd person coming out to actually see him this weekend.

    The economy is in the toilet right now and its really, really bad for sellers right now. I think there is going to be a lot of diamond in the rough type of horses there and a lot of great deals to be had by all.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone but i'm not expecting much. Good luck guys!

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    Jun. 7, 2002


    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, Farmgirl, but we've had a TON of interest already in the boys we're sending to the sale. We've had visitors to the farm everyday since the sale info posted and it appears to me that at least a few people are looking for horses. I know horses aren't bringing the very best prices right now, but many are moving through private and public sales.
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    I agree the market is much worse than I expected this fall. HAve MANY nice horses available for rock bottom prices and very few lookers and they appear to be tire kickers. Honestly in all the years I have been marketing horses (35 years) this is the WORST year. Even last year was better! Had some good sales early in the year and usually things pick back up in the fall but jsut really hasn't. Wish the consigners the best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirginiaBred View Post
    I think her owner may have leased the mare and bred her herself. She's very lovely.
    Yes, you are right. But I don't think Nightshade was ever off Solomon Farm so I believe the foal would have been inspected and branded at Ann's annual RPSI Keuring. I could be wrong though . Regardless the dam of Sentimental is certainly not unknown.

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    As a sale barn I have to say that horses are still selling. Yes the market is very slow but if you have what the market wants the horses are selling. For me, I would normally say that ponies seem to be the slowest but we (very fortunately) just sold six in the last 6 weeks. However, the broke geldings that are over 15.2h, (non tattooed TBs are ok) but people prefer wbs, draft crosses, QH crosses etc that anyone can ride. If they jump a course and swap leads even better! Babies and mares, especially TBs are harder to move so they have to be very special and very well priced. I find that cribbers are near impossible unless sold to professional barns or AA horses and are really nice.
    Well I wish everyone luck at the sale and with private home sales. I have also had interest in my sale horses entered in PAS so I hope it is a good sale. It is definitly a buyers market but things will turn around soon!

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    The sound isn't too good on the webcast (at least for me) & I can't tell what number is in the ring - or what they are selling for.

    Could someone who attended (or who has better audio than I have) post sale results, when you have time?

    Hidden Echo Farm, Carlisle, PA -- home of JC palomino sire Canadian Kid (1990 - 2013) & AQHA sire Lark's Favorite, son of Rugged Lark.

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    Also watching and can't tell what hip number they are on now... any help anyone? Wish I were there...

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    Terrible sound quality! Looks like they are on Lars (#98 I think?)
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    Jul. 6, 2005


    When I watch the Fasig-Tipton (thoroughbred) auctions on my computer, the sound quality is a little better, but they also put the Hip # right on the screen, along with where the bid is, and whether it is a sale or a RNA (reserve not achieved). Maybe for future reference, there could be a graphic with hip # & price? I'm technologically challenged, so I don't know if what I just said is asking for a lot or just for a little!

    We didn't make it to the sale today (obviously) & by the time we knew we weren't going, it was too late to meet the requirements for bidding from afar without an agent. But I'd love to hear who went for how much . . .
    Hidden Echo Farm, Carlisle, PA -- home of JC palomino sire Canadian Kid (1990 - 2013) & AQHA sire Lark's Favorite, son of Rugged Lark.

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    Jan. 29, 2000


    The last PAS Auction had a much better webcast.

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    Mar. 28, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by farmgirl88 View Post
    I hate to break it to the sellers and i wish them all the luck with a successful sale....but NO ONE is buying right now .
    While we choose not to sell at auctions, I can say that we have just had a very successful summer and early fall selling ponies. I've been extremely please at the brisk market these past few months and have quite a few ponies who have found great new homes. It was a significant increase over last summer/fall for us.
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    Dec. 12, 2007


    Just to clarify any confusion (sorry just seeing this thread now), Sentimental has papers, but at the time my agent put in the listing, I couldn't set my hands on them and you can't list them as papered if you can't hand them over at the sale. So, I sent off for a new copy (goodbye $100) and the new owners will get them once they arrive.

    I'm really excited about her purchasers--she was exactly what I had envisioned her perfect home being and the teenager told her mother she wanted to get a mare and name it Stella, which happens to be Sentimental's barn name. Kizmet.

    I'm so excited and can't wait to follow their career together!

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    Apr. 2, 2006


    What were the prices this year?

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    Aug. 11, 2000

    Exclamation they were nice!

    I was there! Some good buys; it's a buyers' market!
    breeder of Mercury!

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    Hello all:


    (1) If anyone saw Hip #102 go through the sale (Seattle Slew line TB mare i/f to a Hungarian stallion named Tara's Star) could you please PM me? I tried to find information on both the mare & the foal's sire & could not find anything at all.

    (2) How did the following hips sell: #53, 109 & 110

    Hidden Echo Farm, Carlisle, PA -- home of JC palomino sire Canadian Kid (1990 - 2013) & AQHA sire Lark's Favorite, son of Rugged Lark.

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    Default results

    Does anybody have the sale results/prices?

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    West Virginia

    Default Pony Session 1-36 (I may be incorrect on some)

    Pony Session
    1. $825
    2. out
    3. no bidders
    4. $2550
    5. $1850
    6. $2000
    7. out
    8. $925 no sale
    9. $875 no sale
    10. $1025
    11. $875
    12. $2150 no sale
    13. $275
    14. $2300
    15. $1525
    16. $1000
    17. $4200
    18. $500
    19. $1150
    20. $3000
    21. $300
    22. $2100
    23. 2300 no sale
    24. $2200 no sale
    25. $550
    26. $1575
    27. $400
    28. $1600 no sale
    29. $775
    30. $850
    31. $825
    32. out

    Subs or late entries:
    33. $5?? (I didn't catch the other two numbers) - was a grey 2002 welsh/arab no papers 13.2H w/t/c/j pony mare
    34. $600 - was a tri-color 2003 paint cross no papers w/t/c pony mare
    35. $450 - even though the announcer said look the late entry sheet for this one, wasn't on any of the papers didn't catch age, definitely POA or appy had the butt spots no papers pony gelding
    36. I didn't catch price sorry - was a 2004 welsh/tb no papers w/t/c/j pony mare
    Home of Janas Kernel of Independence and Doolittle's Pride N'Joy.

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    Sep. 29, 2010
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    Default Premier Horse Session 51 - 61

    51. $3000
    52. $6400
    53. $5800
    54. $4800
    55. $2500
    56. $2000
    57. $3000
    58. $4200 no sale
    59. $9500 no sale
    60. $3100
    61. $4300 no sale
    Home of Janas Kernel of Independence and Doolittle's Pride N'Joy.

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    Sep. 29, 2010
    West Virginia

    Default Horse Session 75 - 120

    75. $1175
    76. $1150
    77. $2350 no sale
    78. $1250
    79. $500
    80. $3000
    81. $1625
    82. $2000
    83. $950
    84. $2850 no sale
    85. $1225
    86. SUB entry $275 - was a no papers TB 2001 gelding w/t/c/j
    87. $1150
    88. $1300 no sale
    89. $2500
    90. SUB entry $1425 no sale - was a reg 2000 QH gelding w/t/c/j
    91. $13,800
    92. $1825
    93. no bidders
    94. $6000 no sale
    95. $375
    96. SUB entry $700 - was a no papers TB 2003 gelding green broke
    97. $3??? (sorry I didn't catch the other three digits)
    98. out
    99. $850 no sale
    100. $3000
    101. $675
    102. $300
    103. out (even had a SUB entry but that horse was also out)

    I didn't catch numbers 104 through 111 --- I know the #109 went for $2??? and #110 went for less then that (likely under $1000).

    Late entries:

    112. I didnt catch price, was under $1000 though - no saled. The mare freaked out when led in the ring, took off dragging the hired female handler and ran her over. After that, prices dropped considerably on the remaining horses. Was a warmblood cross 1998 mare (apparently had CoP papers with KWPN).
    113. $575 - was a saddlebred cross no papers w/t/c/j 2003 mare
    114. I didn't catch price - was a Hano/TB mare no papers 2002 said she was branded, but I didn't see the brand.
    115. $375 - was a TB no papers 1999 gelding w/t/c/j
    116. $1350 - was a Hanoverian gelding with AHS papers 1999 w/t/c/j
    117. $1800 no sale - was a TB with papers 2002 gelding w/t/c/j
    118. $2400 - was a TB no papers 2005 gelding I cannot recall if he was ridden in the ring
    119. out
    120. I didn't catch price - was a TB no papers 2003 gelding rode through ring
    Home of Janas Kernel of Independence and Doolittle's Pride N'Joy.

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