ok.....'farmette' has been built, fenced, water lines run---- its on my mom's property about 2 hours away. (I would stay in house directly on property when there) I would LOVE to haul there often, and stall/paddock over and enjoy being there, (and hauling 5 minutes away to the beautiful state park for trail riding)....but my guy is the only one I own, and he's stressful without a 'horsey' friend. Not feasible to 'keep' horses/goats there full time for friendship just for visits...mom is in her mid 70s and is not a horsewoman, and I wouldn't even ask.
Do you guys think I'm crazy for investigating if there would be/might be a 'friend' I could basically 'rent' for the visits?

I do NOT mind riding him 'alone' but would love to know if I could find a 'friend' to pasture/stall beside him/turnout with him for his 'down time' during the visits.

Anyone ever heard of this?