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    2tired2ride Guest

    Post I Need Your Horror Stories for My Book!

    Hi Fellow Chronicle Readers--

    I'm writing a "survival" book for parents of new riders and am seeking YOUR true stories about:

    1. "Momzillas" and "Dadzillas" at the barn/show (for Trainers), and

    2. "Trainer From Hell" stories.

    No identifying characteristics, please...your name will also be changed for anonymity. Your story may end up in my book!

    Many thanks for your cooperation--now let that dirt out!!!!

    Please email your stories to me at:

    Ride on!

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    Nov. 25, 2001


    Are you looking for pure horror? I have some hair raising stories, and some that are a mix of funny and eek.
    Please don't try to be a voice of reason. It's way more fun to spin things out of control. #BecauseCOTH - showhorsegallery

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    Sep. 26, 2008


    I'm don't have momma zilla's or dadda zilla's (is that right) stories (none of them belong to me) but there was the time we were playing a pony club game kind of like pass the parcel. Except when some one passed the parcel too me the parcel fell (I am not a klutz ) and I got off my pony to pick it up. .... the pony got a fright and jumped on my back ... the great news was fortunately the pony had no shoes on so I only have 1 scar to remember that one by as it goes down the side of my body (i.e. back to tummy & it was red for years). It happened on Mother’s day which was why I thought of Mothers.

    Needless to say and while I thoroughly enjoyed playing that game (I was probably 10) it was never played at my pony club again. Not sure if my Mother had anything to do with it She sure wasn't happy.

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    Sep. 7, 2009
    Lexington, KY


    Here's one told to me by a friend. Child falls off pony. Mom comes running over. Asks if child is alright and tells her to get up. Child responds that she can't get up. Mom and trainer freak out. Turns out pony was standing on child's hair (think it was hair, might have been jacket).

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    Jan. 15, 2004
    Lancaster, PA, USA


    My daughter was taking a lesson on a new horse she never rode before/the pony she usually rode had some issue...lame or getting shod or something. Horse bucked her off. Huge toss...not a pop. She did not want to get back on. Beg/plead kid to get back on...just to get on and get off so she does not end the lesson that way and never gets back on again. Nada. Offered kid 10 bucks to get back on the horse. POOF! She was in the saddle fast at the prospect of shopping money! Bribery has it's occasional place...trainer from hell.......(not same place/happened to someone else) I will PM you...

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