I know most people use supplements and what not to keep their mares OUT of heat. But there are a few of us who wish they would stay IN heat!

I am one of those people. My mare is SO relaxed, easy going, and "happy" when she is in heat. When she is not in heat, she isnt mean per say but unless you have food, she could care less about attention, etc. And then a week before coming into heat, she gets snarky and moody, etc.

She seems much more at ease when she is in heat. So are there any supplements or herbs out there that can keep them in heat or maybe keep whatever hormones are active while in heat at that level?

Wishful thinking, Im sure. But with fall being here, my mare hasnt been in heat for over 2 months. She has been snarky and moody and finally yesterday she came into heat and is just so much more pleasant, etc.