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    Default clipped horse and blanketing

    My horse is getting full body clipped on Monday. He lives outside in a paddock with no shelter right now unless it rains, then he comes in. As of november 1st, hell move to a barn where hell be out during the day and in the barn at night. Just wanted to know how people blanket in terms of temperatures. He has many blankets: heavyweight rambo, joules medium weight with attached hood, blanket liner, waterproof sheet with no fill, and I'm going to purchase an extra heavy and medium in case I need them. Anything else I neeed, and what temperatures would you use what?
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    I use the following guidelines:

    50s and sunny/still: naked
    50s and overcast and/or windy: sheet
    40s: sheet + hood
    30's: medium weight + hood
    20's: medium weight + hood
    teens and sunny/still: medium weight + hood
    teens and overcast and/or windy: heavyweight + hood

    I have two TBs and a hanoverian and I give them all a hunter clip (legs and saddle patch still furry). This system worked well for me through 18 years of living in the NE and Midwest, though I don't think I'll need to worry about the heavyweight stuff anymore now that I've moved south. :-)

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    Mar. 23, 2009
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    low 60s and windy and/or overcast cool - sheet
    50+ - sheet
    40+ - medium weight blanket
    30+ - blanket and sheet

    If it's colder than 30s then they stay in warm barn! :-) I have AA show horses and rehab horses.
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    Colder than 30 and in the barn? You must be in the south. My poor guys wouldn't be out for most of January/February. And that's in Kentucky.

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    Oct. 13, 2010
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    I put sheets on 50-41 degrees, mid-weight blanket with sheet over it at 40-25 degrees. it's not until under 25 degrees (or if it's rainy) that I leave them in the barn.

    I don't clip, but I've got a TB that keeps a thin coat all year round.
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