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    Default Need inspiration for driving arena - please

    Freshly motivated by the great driving I saw at WEG I want to build an arena (outdoor) at my farm, to allow me to do my homework here safely between lessons at the trainers.

    We have a fairly busy highway that borders the front of our property as and added incentive. The problem is that my budget it fairly tight.

    However on my property we have lots of trees that would make good posts etc. As I own a pony and donkey I don't need a huge arena, at least not in the near future. I guess my main questions are :

    What features are the most important as far as strength and safety ?

    What has or hasn't worked or been safe in your experience ?

    Have you found any money or time saving tricks that don't compromise safely ?

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    If it is for driving, think about a mowed arena -rather than a sanded one. If you live in the right climate, it can work out well. It will drain very fast and if seeded with a tough type of grass, can hold up very well.

    There are lots of ways to create a barrier/lines of arena without a fence. Also, by having a movable barrier -it allows for grading or mowing more easily.

    If it is mowed, just the difference between the cut arena and the long grass outside of the arena can be enough of a difference for a ring. This can be very successful.

    Even cones can work to define a space (and allow for easy mowing or harrowing of arena).

    Other ideas for fencing:
    What about white polytape (electric) -strung on plastic step in posts (but no eletricity),

    The construction plastic flags that just stick into the ground.

    Landscaping posts just placed on the ground with a 20 feet gap between each.

    Straw bales are cheap and spaced about 20 feet apart around an arena can work. At fifty feet apart, you would need about 20 x $3. = $60. They last about a year.
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    Jan. 17, 2009
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    It would definitely be a grass arena.

    As for the fencing my main concern is that in the event of an accident I would have a loose pony. God willing with the right preparations and instruction this will be a mute point, but with the highway so near I don't want to risk it. What is considered a safe enclosure for driving as far as fence type and height ? Can you think of any safety issues that someone new to driving might overlook in designing a arena ?

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