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    Unhappy Treatment options on Navicular bone spur w/ DDFT involvement

    Help, I need opinions and options on this. Had another vet out due to lameness not improving. Our mare was just diagnosed with this in her L front. R front has a cyst on the suspensory and the tendon is sore from taking the weight from the other leg. Vet has given us one option currently, shockwave, stall rest and coffin joint injection. Mare is not insured (age) and the treatment will run about $3500 all told. If this doesn't work he suggests IRAP. I'm hoping there is something else we can do as I just don't have this much right now without putting it on a credit card.

    Sooo I'm not sure what to do, she is 3/5 lame on a circle, 2/5 straight, happy and bright otherwise just can't be ridden and tired of being locked up. She's been lame since mid aug, and been stallbound or a tiny outside paddock. While it's nice to know whats wrong-It wasn't what I expected..

    Has anyone tried just turning out ? Am I stuck retiring her ? I knew I would be stuck not riding at some point, just did not expect it so soon, and hoped we would be in a better financial situation when the time came.
    Sorry for the whine and pity party, riding is my therapy and I dearly miss it.

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    I would wonder if tildren would be of help for the navicular spur. Did you diagnose with MRI?

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    Oct. 19, 2009


    I have no experience with this whatsoever, but I did come across this when I thought that my guy's lameness could've been caused by navicular disease (turned out it wasn't), and thought it had some interesting points... expensive, but much cheaper than $3500: Oral Gallium Nitrate Restores Soundness in Horses with Navicular Disease

    Is your horse shod? If so, personally, I would pull the shoes, and give her a natural barefoot trim. But that's me.
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    Shockwave can do amazing things. I would see what a couple shockwave treatments alone would cost and then see how that works.
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    I have an older horse who is off and on lame. He would look sound, run around, get lame. Had vet out. Blocked the lower heel. He told me that he could take lots of pictures and charge me lots of money to get the exact diagnosis, but his advice would be the same no matter what. Advised putting on egg bar shoes with popper pads (the snow bubbles). Takes the pressure off the heel. So far he seems better. He also advised buting him if he needs it when I want to ride. Horse is about to turn 19. I cannot afford expensive diagnostics or therapeutics, but I want horse to be comfortable. So far, so good. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I have also heard of shockwave being very beneficial in cases like this.

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    Default options

    I'm sorry to hear about this. I can share my experience. Cash was dx w/navicular, right worse than left. His navicular bone looked like it had been badly sanded into a W shape and his ddft was sore. However, the following made him sound enough to compete in 13 weekend shows and win six year end awards that summer. BTW, he's a QH.

    Aluminum Tennesee navicular bar shoes, 3 degree pad on the right-plain pad on the left. This got the angles up. Bute 2x day and isox (I forget how much, but it was a lot). The shoes were darned expensive, but I didn't have to resort to more expensive alternatives. I eventually sold him, but last I heard he was still sound.

    We eventually weaned him off of the bute and isox after a year, but the instant you removed the shoes he was dead lame. (sorry-barefooters-tried it-didn't work).

    Best of luck. My advice is a good farrier.
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