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    Jan. 10, 2010

    Default construction/engineering gurus

    at long last, i have acquired a round metal corn crib, is 16 ft wide, and the wall panels are 12 ft high..........the roof looks like an upside down funnel, and is metal..........
    what do you think the best method of anchoring to the ground might be?
    i don't want to pour a whole concrete slab if i don't have to..

    i recently constructed a gazebo with 4X4 uprights.....the structure is 15ft X14 ft....and the uprights are not in concrete, but rather, metal post stakes that are 36" long (the part in the ground) , have a 4X4 square "cup" on top of the stakes that the post goes inot, then tightens with 2 bolts....think i could use the same stake and post system to anchor the corn crib?

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    We anchor on four corners our portable horse and cattle sheds, 12' by 27' or 30' , by digging a 12' post hole about 3 1/2' or 4' deep, dropping a heavy length of chain with a big bolt or piece of thick rebar crossways on the bottom and fill with about 3 or 4 sacks of concrete mix and finish with dirt.
    That chain we either weld to the frame or bolt around the frame.

    We have yet to lose a shed and we have some fierce winds that try to blow them off.

    We first used mobile home anchors and those sheared right off at the top of the ground.

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    Feb. 16, 2003
    MI USA


    Cool idea Bluey! I will put the buried chain in my memory bank for future consideration. This is bring another memory up in my head, but I can't quite remember the details on that yet. Just sounds very similar.

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