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    May. 21, 2006
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    Default Slightly stupid question - will full-seats damage my saddle?

    There's a pair I have my eye on, I've been riding in dressage saddles a lot lately and will be working w/ a dressage trainer this spring, so I was going to get them.

    However, I also ride a lot in my own Hermes jumping saddles, and much as I think a saddle should be tough enough to withstand regular wear, I can see how the seam of my jeans hasn't been so great for my saddle's twist...........

    So will the slight grippiness of the full seats hurt at all?

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    Feb. 19, 2008


    Nope, full seats will not damage your saddle, however, your jeans might

    BTW, with calf skin covered dressage saddles you don't need full seated breeches as they are already very sticky.

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    May. 21, 2006
    A gypsy caravan somewhere in Eastern Europe


    Okay, good! I don't actually like the sticky feel at all - why I've never had full-seats before - but a pair of breeches I really want look much nicer in the full-seat style. Sort of silly fashion victim logic. Thanks!

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    There are different degrees of stickiness as well.... I hate the super-sticky kerrits or even leather, but the clarino in Cavallos or Pikeurs is fine... and keeps your butt warm on cold days...
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