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    Apr. 27, 2010

    Default How many mg of HA solution?

    The Flex Force liquid HA I ordered arrived today, and now I am trying to decide how much I should give. I have heard anything from 50 to 200mg. What would you recommend? Also, is it less affective fed as a top dressing, as apposed to orally syringing it into the mouth? TIA!

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    Jun. 11, 2007


    Gus gets 100mg/daily of the Flex Force HA pellets. I feed the pellets versus the liquid as the liquid (1) freezes in MN in the winter and (2) the BO hates liquid supps.

    I have heard most people giving either 100mg or 200mg daily. I'm not sure how effective 50mg would be, personally.

    Hopefully others who use the liquid will chime on here... otherwise go to the original post regarding the Flex Force (something like Cheaper HA Solution, or something along those lines) and see what others have written in the past.
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    Jul. 14, 2003
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    The Conquer Liquid dosage is 100 mg. I also don't think a 50mg dose will do enough, unless you have a pony(?). Check out the Smartpak site and look at their 'JOINT SUPPLEMENTS AT A GLANCE " comparison chart. Some as low as 5mg and as high as 200mg. Lots to choose from.

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    Jul. 23, 2001


    I swear by this stuff. I give two "squirts" a day in feed. I believe this is 100 mg -- the minimum IMHO. I also feed a separate supplement that has glucosomine and chondroiten and also has 100 mg HA, so she gets double-dosed. My mare is 17 and used to get annual hock injections. We've been long past a year since her last injections and I attribute that to the ForceFlex. Great stuff and given how cheap it is (relative to everything else I do) I squirt away liberally!!

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    May. 6, 2006
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    If you want to see results & certainly as a loading dose go for 200mg, you can always taper to 100mg as a maintenance later on.
    I don't believe 50mg will be very effective.

    I use conquer. At 100mg, I saw no improvement. At times I have even given him 300mg. He's on 200 to 300mg at present (depending on my mood, haha). And I'm happy with the results.

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