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    Default Show Clothes Help!

    I am beginning to compete for the first time since I was in junior high. Shockingly NONE of my show clothes fit anymore We also don't have any english tack stores within two hours of my house so I am going to be trying buy hunt coats, breeches, boots, and show shirts all over the internet.
    What brands have you found are good quality and fit well ( I am pretty average 5"4, size 28 breeches, not sure about show coat sizing?) I am hoping to not have to send things back and forth a million times so some suggestions would be great!

    Oh and second question I am thinking a navy jacket just because it will be classic, what color of show shirt do you usually put under a navy jacket and what color of breeches?

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    I would buy a pair of higher end breeches (used is fine, the brands I've liked have been Tailored Sportsman and Ariat), a pair of tall boots that FIT (fit is more important than brand, if you don't know your measurements, get a tape measure then hit ebay). Try to buy quality boots, the Spanish tops are seen the most right now.

    Then, if you're only getting one outfit, go classic - a white, NON SEE THROUGH shirt and a navy jacket. Some of the windowpanes and stripes are very pretty. Buy wool, not polyblend. RJ Classics and Grand Prix make some nice ones. Again, measure. RJ classics are sized fairly close to street sizes, Grand Prix are not - there should be a size chart somewhere.

    You can also find shirts on sale if you want to add color as well. Obviously, gloves, a hairnet, and a belt.
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    here's what I have:
    jacket-navy rj classics and a grey one too, (though I think navy is always a win)
    shirt-white, lt. blue, or lavender essex
    breeches-ariat, (beige)
    tall boots-ariat

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    If you have a tack store anywhere close, it is worth the drive to try things on. Especially if you're not a stick figure. If you have boobs or hips or shoulders, they seem to really complicate the whole buying-riding-clothes process.

    The other posters had it right - buy quality, even if that means used. Classics are always a good bet. Navy coat, white shirt (or some light, lovely pastel that compliments it and you), tan breeches, tall boots that fit. I've had good luck at Equestrian Collections in their clearance area.
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