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    Default Farm Insurance Recommendations / Help


    I'm closing on the new place next Friday - so, I need to have insurance!

    First, what companies would you recommend for farm/business insurance? What coverages do you absolutely need, what are 'overkill'?

    I'm planning to have my 3 horses on the property, plus anywhere from 2-4 boarded horses. It will be training or exercise type board, and also commission sales. I DO NOT do lessons. But, I need to have coverage on the boarded horses and for when people come to my place to try sale horses.

    Can yall give me ballparks on what I should expect to pay for such a thing?

    Thanks so much!
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    Well Congrats!!!!!!!!

    I just bought a temp. farm for myself and my 3 horses while my huge facility is built.

    I have a 5 stall concrete barn, a mortin building, 1 tractor, 1 mower
    my house is a 2 story 4bedroom 3bath home with attached screened in pool.

    I have a little under 4acres.

    I do not board any horses

    My insurance is 606.00 every 3 months.

    Boarding will increase the insurance and also depending on what you have under the policy.

    I have my whole property under it/including my horses, etc.
    I have a wonderful insurance agent and he got my acurate appraisels on all items so that why I am only paying for what they are actually worth.


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    Call Blue Bridle in NJ. They insure thru American Bankers, for very reasonable rates.

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    I have all my policies through Farm Family Insurance. Home, barn, buildings, horses, commercial, personal, liability, and vehicle policies. Google for site/info. GOod luck!

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    When I took in boarded horses, I used Care, Custody and Control as well as Equine Commercial Liability. I also have a regular Homeowner's policy and a million dollar Umbrella policy.

    I no longer take boarders, but my neighbor does come over to use my indoor come winter. For that I have her pay the Equine Commercial Liability which is a million dollar coverage. I also still have my regular Homeowner's and Umbrella policy.

    The Equine Commercial policy cost was $500/yr through EMO Agency. I would think you would need the Equine Commercial liability at the bare minimum. Even if you don't do lessons, you will have people riding on your property and you do need to be protected.
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    Commercial farm policy. I would check that the liability follows horses off the property.

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