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    Apr. 27, 2010

    Default Weird....what could this be?

    I have a TB mare that has been on stall rest for a month now due to a tie-back surgery for a roar. She has recovered quite nicely from that, and has been an absolute dream to deal with. She has been super quiet, I don't even need a chain for hand grazing, just perfect. She doesn't seem stressed/anxious/mad or anything about being stuck in the stall.

    The past week or so when I have been grooming her, she's fine when I curry her whole right side (enjoys it, actually), and then pins her ears and bites at the air when I curry the left side. Mostly when I get to the heart girth/ribcage area. She never did this before she had the surgery, and has been fine for about 3 weeks....loves being curried all over. I haven't changed the curry I use, nothing has changed in her diet etc... She can't be sore, since she hasn't been ridden. What do you think this could be? Ulcers popped into my head?
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    I agree stress induced ulcer pops to mind

    Is she on Bute?

    Could she have rolled and cast and somehow banged herself?

    I would take to vet and see if a course of Anti-ulcer would be OK
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    Apr. 27, 2010


    She was on bute for the first week, as well as antibiotics. She was on a 1/4 tube of gastro at the time, and probiotics.

    Good thinking about rolling, sometimes the barn I board at doesn't put enough shavings in the stalls, and the mats can get a little rolled in some parts...

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    My first guess would be ulcers too. Could also be a little Magnesium deficient which has similar signs of ulcers. Stress really depletes magnesium levels and the horse can be *touchy* when being groomed.

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