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    Default What does Corrado tend to bring to the table?

    Looking to educate myself on jumper pedigrees...

    What does Corrado bring? As a sire and as a damsire? Crosses that have worked? Crosses that are a miss? Temperament? Any other points/generalities to consider?


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    Jump, Jump, and more Jump. He brings an enormous amount of power and scope. Corrado I also brings his size and type. That type is a bit old style, and somtimes long and less then desireable toplines and large. Up until more recently he has been used to produce sport horses, becuase his type stopped some from wanting to breed with them. However, we are seeing some good results from good Corrado I mares, and we can't forget about one of the best from Stamm 776, Doreen the mother of Acorado. If you notice though, a modern and pretty Corrado I mare was still bred to Acord I who is known for producing attractive and modern. Corrado I is out of Capitol I Dam, and this is likely where some of the old type comes from. Some of the best sport horses in the world are by Corrado I like Corradina, is Corrado I/Sandro/Fier de lui Z.

    We now have our next generation and we have the new sensation Connor, who is Casall out of the full sister of Corrado, Korrada S. He produced 3 sets of 10's in jumping, unbelievable. After his first foal crop of the standard 80 foals, upped his book to 200 in his second year. He sold out. More to come I am sure.

    So we must use Corrado I, as there are few who bring as much power and scope as he does, but we must also breed with him wisely.

    The type of mare he goes best with is light, modern, and blooded. She must have a great topline, and throw it. It is best that she not be heavy in the body. Trainablilty should also be good, as you do not want all of this power and no way to steer it.

    Sparling Rock Holsteiners

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    Daughters much better than the sons........even when you have great sons like Clinton , Corofino and Coriano , the daughters are much better.

    Acorado , Diarado , Quadros , Crawford , Corradina..... the list is endless.

    Out of 71 stallions coming to Nuemunster next month , 8 are out of Corrado daughters or grandaughters. No sons have been selected.

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    I've heard from breeders & riders that Corrado breeds horses very difficult in the mouth & neck, and with their own set of opinions. I would also be careful with regards to hock/stifle angles, seems a bit strait behind, but the power is outstanding. I've heard that in subsequent generations the mind is improved, and the jump is undeniable.

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