I have a very sweet pony gelding and wondered if anyone might benefit from him. He has a spot in my barn at home and always will be taken care of by me, but if he can find a place where he will be appreciated more, that'd be awesome.

He's approximately 17 years old and 14-14.1 hands (large pony). I have owned him almost 5 years and before that, he was in an abusive/neglectful situation. He has some eyesight issues in his right eye (vet couldn't see to what extent, but significant) that was most likely caused by his past abuse. Very sweet guy, not a mean bone in him. He is the boss out of our 2 other geldings and mare, but is not at all agressive. Relatively easy keeper (half scoop of sweet food 2x daily and a couple flakes of hay). Has never worn shoes. Does require blanketing in the winter since he doesn't grow a thick coat, but I rarely keep him in a stall. Prefers to be outside. He'd make a lovely companion for someone's horse or a pet for someone to give attention to. Great ground manners, never kicks or bites.

Duncan is rideable as well, absolutely no soundness issues. He was previously ridden western but does not like that style of riding- it seems to make him nervous. I've always ridden him English. He goes in a snaffle, w/t/c and jumps. He is very athletic and LOVES to jump. He's freejumped 3'9" for fun and I've jumped him 3'3". It's been a while since I've consistently ridden him, but I did school 2'6" on him. I showed him at very small local shows for a year, but after his eyesight got worse, showing under saddle became too stressful for him. He will still do halter/showmanship and is quite good at it since he is so respectful of his handler. I would only reccomend him for a confident and quiet rider, no beginners though. His trot is quite bouncy and he does require very quiet hands. He is spooky at things, but not explosive. I have taken him on short quiet trail rides with one other quiet horse.

Email me at flickachestnut8@yahoo.com if interested please.