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    Default essential new horse supplies

    I apologize, I am certain there are threads like this somewhere in the archives but I'll be damned if I can get them to come up using the search function.

    My first horse just came home. [insert happy dance here] Since he's my first horse I started out with jack squat in terms of horse supplies. I have slowly been accumulating stuff but honestly, it's overwhelming the number of things one COULD buy. What are the things I NEED? (I'll go from there with the frivolous stuff...)

    He already has some of the really obvious stuff (like a halter and lead) and some other non-obvious stuff (like a Jolly Ball and a $12 block of Himalayan salt) but in the interest of completeness I'd like to see lists of everything VITAL that you can think of. If you like, an optional list of "this is fun and/or really convenient but not necessary" stuff would be welcome. I am boarding (full care), so things that boarding barns already have are not necessary.

    And by the way, here he is (sorry for the not-so-great photos):
    MelanieC * Canis soloensis

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    grooming tote Rubbermade utility tote from Fred Meyer: hoof pick, body brush dandy brush, wool polish mitt or super soft bristle brush for polishing. Jelly curry mitt. Conventional woman's hair brush for mane and tail. 1 can of "Pink" hair conditioner spray ( get at Safeway ~ in the hair care popular with Black women. I love it too) A stiff bristle brush , like for scrubbing floors. This is great for getting the hoof sole really clean especially in muddy weather. Another hoof pick. Small utility bucket and a big body sponge. Get a microfiber covered car washing sponge. Sweat scraper. A third hoof pick

    Label everything

    Never share grooming supplies, Insist your horse get his own supplies used.

    Turn out blanket, medium weight- waterproof. You need this now. You are unlikely to need anything heavier. A second rain / wind sheet is good for super foul weather.

    Depending on your discipline, splint boots or "heidi" boots. Saddle pads. Do not share these either.

    Basic first aid needs from the drug store, Thermometer Vaseline, some rags or washcloths. Gauze squares if you can find them. Surgical soap, bag of Epsom salts. Basic triple antibiotic cream , cortisone cream and antihistamine cream. 1 inch adhesive tape and a roll of Duck Tape. Bandage scissors and conventional scissors. Roll gauze, 3 or 4 inch wide. A pocket knife. Keep everything in a tackle box with a note pad and pen. Sooner or later you will need spray bottles and squeeze bottles for this and that

    a spare towel or two. Clean your boots after riding, religiously. They will last longer with the organics cleaned off.

    saddle cleaning supplies. sponges rags and saddle soap / conditioner. I personally do not believe in oiling leather. Saddle cover.

    Subscription to "The Horse" the best horse health magazine and web site. I think it is at most $15 per year

    Label everything things always look alike and disappear faster than your money

    -- * > hoopoe
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    Hoope gave you a pretty comprehensive list.
    Just wanted to add - for the thermometer:
    Get a veterinary one (less than $10 from a catalog like Dover or Stateline if your local tack shop doesn't have one) with a ring you can loop a piece of twine through at the top and get yourself a clip of some kind to tie to the other end of the twine. One of those plastic hair thingies with the teeth works fine.
    You clip into the horses tail while waiting for it to register.
    The last thing you want to watch is the North end of a thermometer vanishing into the South end of your horse

    Danny is a cutie!
    Love the iphone pic of you both - that's a keeper
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
    Steppin' Out 1988-2004
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    Sam(Jaybee Altair) 1994-2015

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    absolutely a heavy duty large animal thermometer. I like them far and away over digital. They may take longer to register but I feel they are more accurate. when I use a digital I usually take two sequential readings.

    Ring and tether clip for sure.

    I have tried to think of other things but not coming up with anything.

    I find most things fall into the "grab it at the drug store /Freddies on the way home, or order on line via VTO Saddlery
    -- * > hoopoe
    Cookie Dough is the Sushi of Desserts
    Introverted Since 1957

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