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    Default Anyone have or had a sierra 1500 to pull with?

    Saw a slightly older model (maybe early 90's) for sale. Remembered we had one at the farm I use to work at. Anyway, has anyone used or known of anyone who has used this model to pull a trailer (let me know size, how many horses, ect.)?


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    It's just your average half-ton pickup, nothing special about it, nothing bad about it. It can pull just as much as the other half tons....maxing out at about a two horse with dressing room, or a three horse stock without dressing room.

    There are PLENTY of threads on here about towing with a half-ton and how to make it safer/easier on the truck/etc.

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    Apr. 9, 2007
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    I pulled my 2 horse BP steel, no dressing room with one ('97 model). It did the job, I would have much preferred a GN, but it's my dad's truck and he said no to hitch in the bed. But it went up mountains, stopped decently. I pulled my draft cross and/or my WB, both over 17 hands, and it was fine. But I actually liked my big heavy trailer. I had to plan stopping a bit more in advance, but it was super stable.
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    Yes I did, '87 1500 classic and a '78 2-horse sloop was my first truck and trailer combo. It got the job done in a slow but safe manner. The truck was also my daily driver and my off roading toy, so I had made a lot of improvements, rebuilt engine including a camshaft specifically for towing, larger cooling system, oil & tranny coolers, suspension, larger brakes, new 4:10 gears, etc. (I loved my truck and it was my 'project' for many years).

    For towing I was very happy to have the improvements, especially the gears and cooling systems. Having a beefy low range got me and the horses out of slop or up steep slopes with little effort.

    I did however one time have difficulty stopping the trailer going down a very steep hill, round a bend to a surprise red light I didn't know was there. Got it stopped and kept it straight, but ended up part way through the intersection. I was fully loaded with my fat horse and a friend's 17h monster. The truck wasn't quite heavy enough for dicey situations, despite the trailer having brakes too.
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    May. 9, 2008


    I loved my Sierra. I miss it terribly. It was replaced by old blue the Silverado, which nothing could kill. It towed very well.

    Was it better or worse than other truck brands? Comfort wise...yes. With the exception of the Dodge Ram which was like driving a Caddy....sadly it had the mechanics of a Yugo. Thankfully that is gone now, but I did like that big old squishy ride.

    God I need another truck...
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    A friend of mine hauled a huge Belgian cross in a 2H BP DR Sundowner with her Sierra and liked it. She did have a weight distribution hitch and religiously used stabilizer bars. But the woman would haul anywhere in any weather or traffic.

    I wish the suspension was a little stiffer. The whole thing felt like a slushy car. But with the hitch combo she had, it felt like the truck could control the trailer.

    She cared for her vehicle, but put about 250K on it before the "this and that" repairs every month made the truck less economical to run.

    ETA: With a used truck that you'll use for hauling heavy loads, you want to investigate the transmission especially. If these have the Allison tranny, you should know that it's a damned good one. But no transmission lasts forever and a new/rebuilt tranny is a big repair. Ask how the truck has been used. "Get on it" at little bit (accelerate quickly) and see how it shifts. Check the tranny fluid and see if it smells burnt.
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