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    Happy Hooves Ranch Guest

    Default Loss of chicken feathers from bobcat attack

    We are new to this forum and are looking for help with one of our chickens.
    One of our hens recently survived an attack by a bob cat. She lost many feathers but suffered no other injuries. She did have a high fever for a few days and is now recovering in our bathroom.
    She is eating and taking water but only if we present it to her. She is rather lathargic but walking around, roosting, is able to fly, but she seems "off", not really her usual self.
    Has anyone ever had this experience? She is on a course of antibiotics and her body temp has stabalized.
    jim and julie

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    Dec. 12, 2005
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    a much better place to ask would be the forums at backyard chickens.
    If i'm posting on Coth, it's either raining so I can't ride or it's night time and I can't sleep.

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    Happy Hooves Ranch Guest


    Hi Jim and Julie here,

    I guess our questions are will the feathers grow back? And about how long does that take?
    We suppose this must have been a very traumatic experience and she probably went into shock.
    Can chickens recover form this?
    She is getting special food and care.


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    Feb. 28, 2006
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    Backyardchickens is the place for you, Happy Hooves. I'll go out on a limb and say she'll grow back her feathers by next springtime if she survives. Give her another week. Sometimes chickens are surprisingly tough and sometimes they just roll over dead for no good reason. Jingles she pulls through!
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    Mar. 26, 2005
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    Truly Backyardchickens will give you a definitive answer.

    From what I have read there, and witnessed with my own hens, the feathers should grow back.
    The rate at which this happens varies from bird to bird & can most certainly be affected by trauma.

    You should see quills - feather shafts - coming in first, then the new feathers will "bloom" from those.

    My Houdan hen had her topknot pecked bald by her boredboredbored sisters over the Winter.
    She remained bald until about a month ago when she went through a full moult and regrew her crest along with the other feathers.

    I hope your gal recovers and regains her feathering.
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    Yes, her feathers will grow back, but might take until she molts (usually they do so in the middle of winter for some idiotic bird reason). I don't think you need to worry, unless it gets extremely cold (don't they make chicken coats??).

    She had the shock of her young chicken life, and chickens are easily "shocked" to death by being attacked by dogs, hawks, etc. Give her time, she'll be right as rain. When you introduce her back to the flock, be sure to keep an eye on her as the other hens might peck at her bareness. They seem to abhor those who don't look like them.
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