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    Default Thoughts on this TB pedigree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EqTrainer View Post

    I look at the first 4 generations since later generations contribute such small % of DNA (Others go much farther back -- we have different method of analyzing)

    The broodmare sire had several good sport horses in the pedigree -- Alydar and Best Turn (by Turn To -- who also shows up in the 5th generation through the sire).

    Other than those few horses, there is not much else that jumps off the page. But the horse doesn't know that.

    When it comes to OTTB's each individual horse can exceed his pedigree.
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    Thumbs up

    I'm not familiar with many of the names in the dam's family, but on the sire's side there are many important sporthorse ancestors.
    I've always liked Caveat, Cannonade, and his sire is the great Bold Bidder, who is by Bold Ruler, by Nasrullah. Turn-to... Princequillo....
    I think there is lots to like.
    Viney would know more...

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    Sicambre jumps out -- sire of Sacromento Song.

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    this is one you would look at for "the horse" but is "just OK" on paper. No known good sporthore producers in the 1st 3 generations. In the 4th you have Bold Bidder, The Axe, Alydar, Best Turn. Alydar is an excellent modern jump sire. You get more names back to the 5th generation: Bold Ruler, Ribot, Mahmoud, Blackball, Turn To x 2, Princequillo, Raise a Native, Tom Rolfe, Prince Bio,Djebel. I don't care what is in the attic more than 5 generations back or what kind of race family they have. Like LordHelpus...the first 4 are the ones that mean the most to me. Race records have no nearly no connection to sporthorse-dom. If I was buying from "paper" I would want to see something of note in the first 3 generations. Now I do own a mare with a pedigree like this....nothing of note in 1st 3 gens/ a little in 4th/lots of good names 5 generations back...but I didn't buy her for her pedigree. I saw her for sale at a breeding farm when I went to look at horses they had for sale and she had a stunning looking filly at side. I cared what she produced as a broodmare/saw her pedigree later.

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    Don't over look Noble Dancer. I visited him in Ky and FL -- what a grand guy and wonderful type for sport. Love Alydar and Criminal Type. Saw Caveat when I visited Northern Dancer (!) in MD (seems like a hundred years ago!) -- wasn't crazy about his type, but like his bloodlines. I'd sure have a look at this one -- love finding a Noble Dancer close up~!

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