I want to share my great customer service experience with Kerrits & Pam @ Saddle N Stuff in Daleville, VA.

These days when it seems that lackluster, disinterested and just plain poor customer service is the norm, it's refreshing to be able to confirm that there are some great companies & businesses still out there.

I found two super cute tops on the Kerrits website. After checking with my local retailer who didn't have either item, I placed my order on-line directly with Kerrits. Kerrits uses Shopatron to fulfill their website orders - they basically send out a notice to all of their retailers and whoever has what you're looking for then sends the order. Well, it appears that no single retailer had what I wanted, so Shopatron informed me that if I wanted both shirts I would have to order from - and pay shipping to -two retailers. NO THANK YOU SHOPATRON !!!!

I cancelled my order and then fired off an email to Kerrits to express my unhappiness with my experience. Within an hour, I had an email back from Malinda @ Kerrits who apologized for the way the order worked out with Shopatron and offered to help me get both shirts from one of their retailers. Enter Pam from Saddles N Stuff! She called me to say she had one of the shirts in stock and would send it out that day AND that Kerrits would drop ship the other shirt directly to me!!

I honestly cannot recall the last time I have had a company and a retailer go so far out of their way to make just one customer happy. I have always liked Kerrits products for their fit, comfort, and quality, and you can bet I will be a proud & happy supporter of them for a long time to come. Pam from Saddles N Stuff also went out of her way to provide outstanding customer service to someone who doesn't even live in the same state as her store!