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    twosteppinthumper Guest

    Default 1yr old filly that is blind in one eye

    My lil filly got herself in a bit of trouble and injured her eye. we had the eye removed. she has adjusted amazingly well. My question is how do I train her or does anyone know a trainer close to stephenville texas that works with disabled horses? she is such a sweet horse and is very calm. As far as I am concerned she can be a very pretty lawn orniment but i feel bad when she gives me that look when i take one of the other horses out to ride. Even if I can just lead her with one of the other horses would be great. It would get her out of the pasture every once in awhile

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    I have encountered a lot of one eyed horses before, I don't think even one had a problem. Sometimes you have to give a little for that one sidedness, but I don't think you need a specialist, not when the filly is adjusting well.
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    Treat them like any other horse. They will usually adjust quickly. Any trainer worth their salt could effectively train her when she is old enough.

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    I loaded a blind filly for the Wrigley people once. They have a big rescue deal I guess. Anyway, this filly knew her round pen when I picked her up, but was totally out of sorts when I took her from that pen. She took some time, and tested the ground, but it was totally a trust issue when I unloaded her completely blind at the rescue!

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    There was a big time race horse a few years ago that only had one eye. SHe isn't "disabled", she probably doesn't even know. The first hunter barn that I rode at as a kid had an A circuit pony that only had one eye. Most of the kids didn't even know that they just jumped a course on a one eyed pony.
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    Blind in one eye does not equal disabled. Treat her like any other horse and she'll be fine.

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    twosteppinthumper Guest


    thank you all for the advise. I guess i was being human and not thinking like a horse. she doesnt even to notice something is wrong. nothing realy bothers her. she loads in a trailer great and deals well with bein in new places on the property. she doest deal well with alot of people around but that probly has nothing to do with missin an eye. she doesnt even seem to mind if i mess with her feet or anything on the blind side.

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