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    Default Ford Trucks... Trailer Compatibility?

    Has anyone had trouble with their Ford truck not communicating with a particular trailer? Specifically, the truck locks the trailer brakes and flashes a dash error that the trailer is not connected.

    I have this issue with my F250 and my stock trailer. A friend of mine is having this issue with her F350 and her 2-horse trailer though the truck pulls her larger trailer with LQ jsut fine. Another friend is having this issue with her F450 and a client's trailer but has no problem with her own. Finding it oddly coincidental that it's only certain trailers and all Ford trucks...

    - The trucks are fine and haul other trailers with no problem.
    - The trailers are fine and can be hauled by other non-Ford vehicles with no problem (wiring & brakes are good).
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    Are you sure the trucks and trailer combination you are trying are both wired the same way? Remember there are 2 wires that can be switched depending on CA or KY wiring. Sounds like the light flashing on your dash is saying your hooking your truck up to a trailer with the opposite wiring. Would make sense all your Ford's did the same thing since they are most likely all wired the same if came from the factory.

    BTW- I have a Ford and there is only 1 trailer at my barn I can't pull and that is because we are wired opposite. We have a converter though so plug that in and good to go.

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    I would check into an adapter. I had an F-350 Dually that didn't "communicate" with my older Featherlite trailer, but the Adapter solved it!

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    Yes. you will need an adapter to make the plug in work correctly. Been there!
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    That is not just a Ford problem.
    My neighbor has a GMC, I think and he has adaptors for those trailers that are wired diffenly, like our stock trailer and the dump trailer.
    I too have adapters around.

    Be sure to personalize the adptor with colorful tape or spray paint, because they tend to be borrowed and grow legs and disapear easily.

    Go to any trailer place, autoquest type store, TSC, even Walmart has them for sale around here.

    Or you can open the plug and change those two wires.
    Then you may need to change back for other trailers.
    That works in a pinch, but an adaptor will be better.

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    Yes, I have had this problem. It was the way the truck was rewired- a wire had gotten crossed and it was locking the brakes up.

    It locked the brakes up, while I was loaded, in the middle of an intersection. Had to jump out and pull the plug to get the trailer to move, and go the rest of the way with no lights and no brakes.

    Took many hours of troubleshooting to figure it out!

    This was with an F250.

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    Sep. 16, 2010


    This is a pet peeve of mine. When people start "borrowing" or "using" trailers they start rewiring. If everybody left the trailers wired to the trucks built these days, we'd be fine.

    I borrowed a 30,000k flatbed this past weekend to haul a tractor, and it lurched intermittently. Come to find out, the electric brakes were on the right hand turn signal ............ it "lurched" as the turn signal flashed!

    Just wire stuff to the round seven and be done with it!

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    Yes. When I had my gooseneck hitch installed, the tech told me Ford installed plugs that were not waterproof, and so they woul rust and short out. He installed a waterproof one and have had no problems since. Mine is a 2007 F-350

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    Oh boy, have I ever been there!!! When we were moving from NC to OK 5 years ago, DH pulled an empty 24 foot Barrett back from OK to NC to haul "stuff" back to OK. He had a problem with warning lights and beeps, so he disconnected the plug. When we hooked up to our own horse trailer..loaded to the gills with "stuff" in the dressing room/header, 5 BIG A$$ horses and two big donkeys and headed to OK..It was a NIGHTMARE!!! We had 8 blow-outs on the trailer in 1300 miles!!! The brakes were "slightly" holding which caused a heat build up and the tires EXPLODED!!! Not just went flat! DH had bought 3 spares/wheels for the trip, but that didn't last long!! We finally arrived in OK and it was a month later when DH found out that the Barrett adapter was wired for a Dodge truck...we had a new Ford!! You'd think that with the cost of trucks and trailers, someone would co-ordinate the damn plugs/wiring!!
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