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    Default Finishing Edge of Grid System (Stable-Grid, Hoof-Grid, EquiTerr...)

    We are putting in the grid systems (Hoof-Grid for us, as it was the locally available) to deter my dig-to-China horses from destroying our mud-free paddocks. We have done one complete paddock and then will only be able to do about half of the other one for now -- and I'm trying to figure out how to best finish the edge so there is no opportunity for the horse in that paddock to dig next to the grids and start pulling them up, and I don't want the connectors on that edge to get broken as we hope to finish the rest of the paddock eventually. Just not enough $$ in the budget to do it right yet!

    I know people sometimes put these grids in at gates and such, so wondering how you have handled the transition from grids to no grids -- maybe bury a wood edging of some sort or ?? Right now, I'm just temporarily fencing that paddock down to be just the size of the grid-covered area until I can figure out what to do.

    And watching my two boys go out and try to do their competitive digging (one on each side of fence, see who goes the furthest down in 10 minutes...or whatever they are doing!) and get completely frustrated when they can't go past the top layer of pea gravel...oh it is worth every cent!!

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    We used RR ties with great effectiveness. The other option is to extend the grid just beyond the gate... out of hoof reach. Anchor the ties down with rebar if this is an area they run around and shift gravel, or just set them up approximately 2" away from the edge of the grid. Just enough to let the grid expand and not butt up - but close enough the horses can't grab the lip.

    Love my grid. Even stands up to mini donkey persistence.

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    Thanks, QHBuddy. At the fence and gates, I have extended it under, so we are good there. I might try railroad ties on the one edge that is mid-paddock. We happen to have some RR ties available. I wish I could afford to do that whole paddock, but can't this year.

    My shoer isn't going to believe that he can reset shoes on my horses now as they won't be wore thin on the toes every time (from digging!).

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