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    Jun. 28, 2003

    Default Now for something completely different!

    After a long summer of drought, its finally raining
    and a friend spent the day web-surfing
    and sent me these links

    Carriage Fashion from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

    From Met Museum of Art Database :

    Carriage boots carriage&fp=1&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=800941 71&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    Another pair, tho photos not so good carriage&fp=1&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=800317 64&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    parasol carriage&fp=1&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=800952 85&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    Interesting hat info =carriage&fp=6&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=80094 650&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    foot warmer.....I'm sure you'll want one =carriage&fp=9&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=80094 158&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    dress =carriage&fp=9&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=80097 028&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    Oh yea,
    And finally, this On-som-blaaa =carriage&fp=9&dd1=0&dd2=0&vw=1&collID=0&OID=80097 023&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did

    I have no idea why the format is showing up so strange on my computer??

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    May. 3, 2006


    I'm going to place an order for the first pair of carriage boots.

    I'm sure they'll go with my moleskins, tattersall check shirt and cap! Should I post in another thread to ask COTHers opinion??

    The foot warmer is very different to the sort we had and what I've got. Though I see that's quite recent and so new. I've got 3 originals and 1 repro. Mine are basically boxes (brass, porcelain or wood) that you fill with either hot water or hot sand and then you rest your feet on top of them.

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    Aug. 10, 2006
    North Carolina


    Very interesting. I enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for posting them.

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    Oct. 14, 2002


    Hey, thanks guys, always something interesting from you all.

    Really enjoyed all if it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Jan. 22, 2010


    So Cool-- I'll take one of each please. But please make the fur objects out of faux fur. I especially like the 1820s bonnet- so Jane Austen.

    Those pictures were really great. Thanks for sharing.
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!
    Elysian Fields Farm--
    --An equine refuge

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    Oct. 25, 2007


    I want this

    love the color, so same color is just fine.
    I also want that foot warmer. I have a leopard muff that has been handed down. The foot warmer would complete the ensemble. I have the cape, so all set there. I will be toasty in my sleigh!
    save lives...spay/neuter/geld

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