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    Default Cow carpet

    For those of you who have used the cow carpet/geotextiles, could you tell me how many layers you used, what base you used on top and if you put a top layer on top of that. I have a 100' x 200' area that I would like to mud proof before the rain really starts.

    Also, where did you purchase your cloth? I am in Oregon and would love to find a local company.


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    I scraped the dirt out about 5-6" deep. I put down a single layer of the geotextile, overlapping the edges about 1 1/2-2". All around the outer edge I used a lawn edger and carefully tucked the edges into the ground. Then the area was filled with limestone screenings.

    After about 4 years I had to put in some new limestone because a bunch had washed or worn away and I'll be due again next year (2 years since I added to the area). But the geotextile is still doing what it was put there to do - the area is completely stable. This was done in a gate area and extended to where the water trough is and about 60' into the paddock. I also did a path to that field.

    Sorry but you're on your own for a local source.
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    Home Depot and Lowes carry it here, in their yard supplies department.
    Many landscapers use it to put under gravel, you could ask them where they get it locally.

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    Feb. 14, 2003
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    I did an area about 50 x 70 and I'm in your region, so my experience might be useful.

    Please use the heavy duty stuff! Landscaping cloth won't cut it. I bought mine through a company in Vancouver, WA who makes it: CSI Geosynthetics & Erosion Control, 360-699-1426. Easy to find, I picked mine up at their warehouse.

    Tell them what you are using it for, and they'll recommend which kind/strength to use. I used one layer. One roll (about $290, four years ago) did my whole area.

    I did not scrape away the soil, but my paddock slopes slightly, so it drains well. I simply rolled it out on a nice summer day, overlapped the edges and had 6 inches of screenings poured over it. You could do a layer of 3/4 minus then add screenings or pea gravel over it. I dislike pea gravel as it NEVER packs, ever. You MUST clean the manure off the paddock, as it will clog the cloth, and limit its permeability.

    Feel free to PM with questions.
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    Question -

    when you scraped away 6" of dirt to lay fabric down, did you replace dirt and then put limestone screening?


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