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    Default Need a better understanding

    What are the most standard guidelines for most facilities regarding trainers/riding coaches. I have lived on site as the barn manager/trainer for years and I have decided to venture out to do some training work for other barns. What is the standard as in what percent should I keep and what do they keep? (both training and riding coach). How does it work out?

    Thanks for your input!

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    I think it's completely unique to each situation, depending on region and level.

    If I were you, I'd figure out how much I needed to make per person and/or per hour. If the barn is charging the clients, and then giving you a cut, it's up to them to charge the difference to cover their overhead.

    So, if you need to make $50/hr, and the barn needs to make $15/hr, the barn needs to charge clients $65/hr for the lesson. Now, that's simple math for an hour long private. When you are doing groups, if you are doing a group of 5 and need to take home the same $50/hr and the barn needs to make $15/hr, then the barn should charge $25/hr per person (except they'll probably need to make more for a group if their lesson horses are being used).

    If you're going to a lesson barn, you also have to factor in cancellations. If Susie Q cancels her lesson, it's not fair to charge the other 4 in the group more money to make up the difference. So make sure you budget a few dollars an hour higher than you NEED so you can have a little slush fund for cancellations like that.

    And, if the barn can't afford to have you charging $50/hr for your work, then you need to find a new barn. Or, you need to reevaluate if your minimum rate is TRULY the minimum. Be honest... you'll just resent it if you under-charge such that you're making big sacrifices on your standard of living.

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    Normally, if you are working for different barns you would be doing so as a contractor. Therefore, you charge your rates, they pay you 100%

    If your teaching private clients using their personal horses, the situation is the same. You charge the client your pates and they pay you 100%.

    If your teaching using the barns horses, it gets a little tricky. The barn already has a certain amount that they charge for lessons and they probably have a set % they give the instructor. You really have no room to bargain in this situation unless you can get the barn to charge more for your lessons you teach. Or unless your in high demand and they agree to take less and give you more for the lessons

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