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    Jan. 18, 2008
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    Default Mac iWeb - horse related website HELP!

    Hi there

    I am currently working on a horse related website, final project for my degree. I really could use some help with a couple final touches to the site.

    If anyone has any experience with iWeb that can help , PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

    Problem areas:
    -footnote on website?? do able?
    -changing font color of menu bar?

    Probably have a couple more but those are the pressing issues. Would really like to have these fixed by the end of the weekend.

    BIG thank you in advance!


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    Apr. 10, 2006


    I built this in iWeb.

    I'm a graphic designer but print work is my forte. Web stuff is still a bit beyond me. There are some things about the site that make my web designer friends crazy, lol, but it does the job.

    I found I wasn't able to change the font color of the nav bar in iWeb. I deleted all the text boxes they supplied and made my own. I'd think you could do that for a footnote...
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    What code are you using for your website, HTML, flash, CSS?

    If you're just using HTML, I think you can say <div class="footnote">...</div>

    and for the color... just change the code to whatever you want. This is useful:

    Does that help?

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    Mar. 17, 2003
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    I built my website and a couple of others on iWeb.

    I wish they would allow you to change the menu bar colors and put it vertically or horizontally, but not yet. Maybe the next version.

    I agree with just adding a text box at the bottom of the page for your footnotes.
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    I haven't used iWeb, however I've seen footnotes handled in several different ways. I would think you could adapt one of these to iWeb, depending on what features it offers:

    1 -

    Do a normal in-text footnote marker that hyperlinks to the bottom of the page. The HTML superscript tag works well for this. Have the footnote hyperlink back to the location in the text, so people can easily jump back to the main text. I have used this method and usually add something like this to the end of the footnote for the return hyperlink: [^]

    2 -

    Same as above, but use a sidebar instead of putting the notes at the bottom. I have a proof of concept site I could send you over PM if you want to see this in action.

    3 -

    Set up the footnote as a tool tip. There are plenty of javascript code examples out there. People would hover over the footnote marker and get a tooltip box with the footnote text.

    4 -

    Similar to 3, but have a pop-up window appear. This can be more useful if the footnote text tends to be long. Again, lots of examples online.


    Options 1 & 2 can be done with simple HTML and have the advantage of having all the footnotes available on the page. Options 3 & 4 will require javascript and won't have a full reference list of footnotes available.

    You can also google "CSS footnotes" to get more ideas.

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    Jan. 18, 2008
    land of the Canucks aka West Coast B.C.


    Hi guys

    Thank you muchly for the advice and what not.

    Glad to hear that i'm not just dumb and can't change the font color of the navigation words! But really grey?? Could they have not just used black or something??

    iWebs from what i can tell is a template/layout not HTML required website building programs. Unfortunately no HTML options either from what I or my tech savy brother could find either.

    Neither issues are life or death just would have been nice finishing touches. Really need to finish the text off now!

    Thanks again!


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