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    Default Bringing your first horse home

    We have recently moved to the country and have been boarding our horses at our trainer's barn for the past 10 years. We have decided to get a mini horse and move our mini donkey to our hose once the mini donkey is weaned. Here is the question..Does anyone have suggestions on moving the new minis to the new home? The breeder of the mini horse is willing to let us bring one of his older minis come to the house with our new mini that is 3 years old to help her adjust to the new surroundings. We had thought of bringing both the mini horse and the mini donkey at the same time so that one does not feel that there is an intruder in their pasture. In other words, they would be equal. We are trying to avoid having 2 minis that are nervous and running crazy. Any suggestions on how to bring them both to their new home?

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    Assuming you have good, safe fencing and appropriate grazing (which might mean NONE for a mini!) then I would be inclined to bring them both home at the same time and let them bond over their adjustment to a new place. You can keep them confined for a day or two if necessary, assuming you have a small pen for that purpose.

    Sure, they'll be nervous and yes, they may run around a little, but they'll soon get used to things.

    One thing I might do is wean the mini-donk before moving him/her. Avoid double stress on moving day.
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    Good Luck and ENJOY ~
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT"S A WONDERFUL LIFE !"

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    first things first with mini anything...

    have mini appropriate fence. It should be sized and reinforced appropriately for mini animals.

    bring home the mini horse and mini donk together. only one transistion period. if you bring home foster mini, then you have to wean your mini off that mini once you have them both home and it's time for foster mini to leave.
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    Thank you for your advice. We are planning to wean the mini donk this next week and then move her over to our house after a week. From your suggestions, we will move both of them in on the same time. They are both very sweet and a little on the timid side so I hope that they will not be total nuts and will find comfort in each other. This should be exciting! We do have mini appropriate area for them and are building a new mini size barn so that they will feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Thanks again for the advice.

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    Do the mini donkey & mini horse already know each other?
    Are both the minis very young? if so, I'd take up the foster offer & have the older around for at least a month or more.

    I guess I'm a little confused as to why not have a pair of mini donkeys rather than mixing 1 donkey & 1 horse ...

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