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    Default How Much Acreage for a Cross-Country Course

    How much acreage do you need to build a cross-country course? I have seen everything from 5 acres to 20. Would be for mostly Tadpole at upper level, maybe BN. Guess it's better to start at the top than at the bottom, but pasture is at a premium!
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    If you're just tadpoling, 5 acres would be plenty. Make a water complex and arrange it around your riding arena.

    There's no reason you can't put jumps in your pastures, too. It makes it harder to mow, but you can do portables or you can just deal with the mowing. Indeed, you'd want animals out there to keep the weeds down. Just move the pasture horses out when you want to jump.
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    Location, location, location. 5 acres if hillside can support less population of jumps than 5 acres of flat land.

    You also didn't indicate if this was for schooling or competition (rec. or unrec.), which makes a huge difference in scope & scale (area for rings, parking, stabling) plus there's the consideration of number of simultaneous users in any case which also involves parking, etc.
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    I have GAG through Training on 40 acres. I need to post an arial view on FB or my website so the layout is visiable and haven't--but the place is laid out in square with the front middle (think of a U) holding the barn complexes. It all has to be just so to get everyone in and parked, but it works.

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