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    Default Going to a clinic with Boyd Martin. What to expect?

    So in a couple weeks I will be riding in a clinic with Boyd Martin. Squee! It's a two day clinic with stadium jumping and gymnastics on the first day and then cross country jumping on the second day. I'm going in the novice section and I have been schooling solid novice/training level at home.

    So I was just wondering who else has ridden with Boyd and what to expect. Other than two days of listening to his great accent and admiring the view.

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    Nov. 2, 2009


    There is a post a few threads down from someone who just did one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrapony View Post
    So I was just wondering who else has ridden with Boyd and what to expect. Other than two days of listening to his great accent and admiring the view.
    See my post above. I just had an x-c lesson with him on Sunday!

    He's fantastically approachable, very demonstrative (he will wave his arms and contort his body to illustrate different things), has a great eye. He's very easy going and very encouraging, but he'll make you go back and do it again if it's not right (which I love).

    What we worked on for x-c was getting to the base of the fences (thinking "add a stride") and being able to lengthen and compress the canter with legs, seat, and back rather than hand.

    He'll probably teach you the straight-leg gallpoing position, which has its followers and detractors (also in my thread). Take from it what works for you.

    Ask him how his ant bites are! Poor guy, he got nibbled on by some of our Southern specialties, fire ants.

    We didn't get to do gymnastics, so post back and let us know what kinds of things he sets up!
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    Mar. 19, 2010


    I did read your report cllane1 and it sounds like you had a great lesson with him.

    I was really interested to hear what kind of stuff he does with gymnastics. We do a lot of work with gymnastics at home. So I'm really comfortable with that already. I was just curious what he does with it.

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    I rode with Boyd a little more than a year ago in a two-day clinic. First day was stadium jumping and second day was cross country.

    In the stadium, we worked most on a *verticle, right bend to a line of three bounces, left bend to a verticle* grid, and also incorporated corners, skinnies, and angled fences. He was very big on accuracy. I had a SUPER time, and the mare I was riding, a total greenie, gained a lot of confidence after our lessons. Enjoy yours!

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