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    Default stall/barn floor wet! what to do?

    So we're working on cleaning things up at the farm and making them more functional both for current and future projects. The old run in area (where former owner at one point had a couple holsteins) was a mess! Still had old hay/bedding, etc. So of course all that had to go. Best we can figure, we can eventually put in 5 stalls in that area -- which of course is perfect for the number of horses we'll eventually need -- everyone gets one! :mrgreen: Hasn't been easy or fun to clean out but we're down to the last portion ... of course this is when we hit a snag. Where the rest of the floor seems to be solid clay under all the crap (literally), at least one corner, about a 10x10 area is wet! We've figured out this is probably due to the way the barn roof works... a good portion of it drains right outside this spot. However... it's REALLY wet. And we're not sure the best way to fix it. Do we just level the wet and put some rock over it? Do we dig say a shovel length down, taking out the clay and backfill with rock (and if so what kind of rock -- washed drainage gravel? Regular gravel type rock? chips & dust?)?? Should we look into putting in some kind of drainage tile or system under this area, especially if it isn't contained to just the corner but spreads along the whole south wall? We could REALLY use some help here as we want to get it in good condition but don't want to waste funds/energy/time in going about it the wrong way... especially if it means it would need to be redone before we could actually put a horse on it.

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    We've figured out this is probably due to the way the barn roof works... a good portion of it drains right outside this spot.
    This is your answer. Got gutters? Once you remove the source of wet, wait and see how it dries and you could probably just re-fill the spot with clay so it's like the rest of the floor.
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    If you are not familiar with wet, I would hire a professional, or at least interview 3, ask them what they'd do, and ask for a cost. You don't have to hire any of them, but you'd get some good ideas and suggestions, that maybe you could do yourself.
    I'd be looking at excavator/operator/owners. Call a gravel company in your area and ask them if they know of any, or if they do it as well.

    gutters will help with roof run off, but I am wondering if this is a wet spot as in spring, or if its just uneven and the water collects in the low spot.
    I am not sure, but you might even try your county ext or NRCS for advice, and maybe even some cost sharing.
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    Another vote for correcting the roof runoff with gutters, then seeing if you've still got a wet problem. Since you say it's "really" wet, unless it's been *really* raining in your area, it's possible you have a spring or pipe leak or other groundwater source problem.
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