Forgotten Cats ALWAYS needs barn homes or safe homes for cats not suitable for indoors in homes. There is no charge but it's required that they are provided with daily food, water and good, dry shelter. They also need a 3-4 week acclimation period inside a crate with maintenance (food, water, clean litter box) prior to release.

All cats have been sterilized, are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and ready for mousing. These releases must be done prior to winter setting in so they have winter coats. They are delivered within a 2 hour drive of our clinic locations, all of Delaware, most of New Jersey, south eastern Pennsylvania, north eastern Maryland and maybe the very north east of Virginia..maybe. You can describe your cat preferences and we try to accomodate.

You can email or go to the website or call 610 869-3629 or email and 2 emergency numbers to have someone come to trap cats for sterilization are PA 215 219-8148 and DE 302 429-0124

Our mission is to reduce the unwanted cat population through sterilization which helps the cats and the community.