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    Default Trailer window screens

    The screen on one of my trailer windows is long gone, and there are bars and a window that I need to have open when its warm. I make the horsies wear a fly mask to make sure no road debris flys in their face. I would rather put a replacement screen up. I see there are some commercial off the shelf ones available. Any recommendations?

    Thank you!

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    I have used the rolls of soft screening sold at home depot for replacing odd shaped screens. It's pliable easy to work with and cut and I have used tacks to put them in, you might be able to use a staple gun depending on the window frame. I don't know how how sturdy your screen needs to be to prevent projectiles from coming in off the road though.

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    Your trailer maker can probably replace it for you, but that's usually the expensive route. Chall's suggestion is a good one - you can buy rolls of that screen at hardware stores. You can also buy a sturdier metal mesh if you need it.

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    If you are talking about the screens for drop-down windows, any trailer dealer s/b able to order them for you.

    Part of the deal for my trade-in was that they put in screens for the drop-downs.
    What I got are fabric screens, not fine mesh. They attach inside and look suited to the job of keeping debris out if I wanted to travel with the drop-downs open (not something I usually do).

    If you mean the sliding screens, then screencloth would work but I'm not sure how you would attach that safely.
    I wouldn't want to use tacks or staples inside the trailer where horses' heads will be.
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    Check out this thread on the same topic:
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