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    Question USEF High School Equestrian Athlete program - experiences/info?

    I'm looking into the USEF High School Equestrian Athlete program for one of my students. I'd love for her to get more credit/recognition for the time & effort she puts into her riding (and she's looking for good "extracurricular" stuff for college applications).

    Anyone have experience doing this? I know it's a fairly new program (maybe 2010-2011 season is the first?). Specifically, I'm trying to understand:
    * Which shows are eligible (she's new to showing, so this year we started with 1-day local H/J schooling shows - hoping they count...)
    * How do you track hours?
    * How do you track/submit show records at the end of the year?

    I've only been able to find basic info ( and the actual application ( - but the app requires the individual to be logged on, so my USEF membership only takes me to the first page of the application. I did find a couple PDF application versions when Googling, but not sure which is the current one...

    I'm going to contact USEF directly as well - but thought there may be some folks here on COTH that could offer some insight.


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    The FAQ page answers some of your questions:

    7.Q. What are the competition requirements?
    A. A student must compete in at least two USEF Licensed or Endorsed Competitions, or at least five other competitions that are affiliated with or sanctioned by a horse show association.

    8.Q. What types of shows are considered as affiliated or sanctioned by a horse show association?
    A. Any show that is organized by a club or horse show organization will count towards the requirement. For example, 4-H, Pony Club, or any state or local horse association shows.

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    My DD did the program this past year - USEF offered it retroactively from January 2010 - to June 2010 (initially it was going to start in June 2010)

    It's not that hard to do - I set up an XL spreadsheet that she logged her hours on - a parent or professional must sign each entry - as well as the shows she attended. I forget but I think non rated shows are eligible, but there was a small requirement to do a few USEF rateds as well, she will also need to submit her HS transcript. I think I also attached a USEF rider report.

    Sooooo, it's easy to do but this is reminding me that she never received her "letter" - I should follow up

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    Dec. 16, 2009


    My DD did it last year as a freshman. There is a log form to fill out for recording hours. The trainer or parent must sign to verify hours. It is a nice program for students that go to school where there is no equestrian program. Her HS doesn't care but it is important to my DD and she plans on using it on college apps. I think the shows must be USEF recognized but do not have to be A shows.

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    Thanks for reminding me about this. Since D's school does not have an equestrian team she is going to do it for this show season.

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    Nov. 2, 2009


    I'm actually participating in this right now! Unfortunately my school does not excuse my absences because horseback riding is not a "sport" , you can only imagine my reaction to this and immediately set out to establish riding as a "sport" at my school. Hopefully my actions will encourage other riders to do the same and they might help share my uphill battle with my high school.

    I log my hours daily with the date, time spent actually in the saddle, and what I did, then a parent or my trainer signs for it.
    ie. 9/10/10 1hr Lesson on Venus x________

    You need to compete in at least 2 A rated shows a year OR
    Compete in 5 unlicensed competitions affiliated with or sanctioned by USEF

    You need at least a 100hrs in saddle a year (no grooming, barn chores, tacking up, cleaning tack count etc.)

    Proof of competition(USEF rider report, results printed from online source, itemized bills, signed competition letter by secretary.)

    Transcript, report card or other proof of enrollment

    By riding 10hrs a week (actually riding! not to mention those 30+ other hours of groundwork, chores, grooming, travelling etc!) and showing in a A show once a month, I'm estimating that I'll finish the requirements in about 2 more months =D. I'm am very enthusiastic about this program and look forward to receiving my USEF Equestrian Athlete varsity jacket, and "other apparel" , I'm going to wear it proudly.

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    Apr. 15, 2004
    Campbell, CA, USA (South SF Bay Area)


    Thanks for all the replies! Glad to know other folks are taking advantage of this great program, also. I think this is really going to be a benefit for some of our students - esp. the ones wanting to get more recognition for all the time/effort they put into their SPORT.

    Just as a follow-up, I did hear back from the USEF & got some additional clarification, which might be helpful for others:

    * the "other" (non-USEF-rated) shows can be anywhere (local schooling show, club shows, etc) - doesn't have to be officially sanctioned by a regional organization, etc. Fine to have shows from different disciplines (ex: h/j show & a dressage show)

    * membership: it's OK to just pay for the 2010 membership now & that will hold through the end of this season's High School program (May 2011). Riders won't have to get a new 2011 membership (which starts Dec 1st) until they renew their High School program (June 2011) - unless they need it for competing at rated horse shows between Dec 1 and June 1

    * hours can include: hacking/riding (any discipline - OK to mix), lessons, lounging, trail rides, driving, etc - including ground work IF it's considered training, like working with a young horse on ground manners [just not grooming or time chit-chatting out at the barn!]. Also, it can be on ANY horse (so hours hacking other horses counts, not just the rider's regular mount)

    * application can be online or paper (I think filling out the PDF is more clear, since you can see all the questions before starting to complete it - & can attach the USEF membership right there)

    Good luck, everyone!

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