I picked up a cute OTTB this weekend who was said to be sound. He is, and has very clean legs, except I did notice some soft fluid filling in his right hock when I picked him up. no heat or swelling anywhere else.

Today, when I trimmed his raggedy feet, I picked up his right hind, and the ankle joint felt a bit loose, and shifted, like when you crack your knuckles, and the sound, too. It did it a couple times. He didn't seem unhappy about the ankle, more the having to pick up the whole foot. His left ankle did none of what the right one did.

However, when asked to hold up the left leg and put weight on the right, he was more unhappy. Finally got him done, but he seemed uncomfy putting whole weight on the right.

He walks out fine, nice loose big stride from both hinds, and doesn't appear lame at the trot.

Not sure how hard he trained, but raced 4xs this year (Mar/Apr) before being turned out end of April until I got him Sunday.

Any ideas on what that knuckly looseness might suggest?