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    Default Riding critique

    I was wondering if I could get some input on my riding in this video. I'm badly out of shape and trying to work my way back in, my post doesn't look right to me, almost like I'm posting back to front vs. up and down. My weaknesses are usually pinching at the knee and rotating forward, chair seat, and forever leaning forward (probably due to a lack of core strength).

    Also, input and suggestions on my mare is welcome, she is a 3 1/2 year old I was just given off the track (last race in late June/early july). My goal with her is to try and show her this winter in some baby green hunter pleasure classes at our local circuit, maybe so baby green hunters (x's) depending on how it goes. and eventually move to the jumpers.

    Trotting this weekend:

    Her first time doing trot poles, I think this was her 3rd or 4th ride off the track?

    She grabbed herself so had a month off inbetween videos to get over the bruising (and to get shoes on since stomping flies was not helping her heal). She had some lateral issues at first, but I noticed on my ride this weekend that she was much straighter, but of course could still use more work.

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    My general feeling from watching your video, is that you need to work on your base of support. You are kind of posting off of your stirrup instead of relaxing your weight down through your leg. This lets you pinch with your knee. I'm not sure your saddle's twist fits you, as I get the impression it is too narrow which is encouraging the knee pinching and still not letting your leg be secure from your calf to your hip.
    You seem like you are a nice soft, empathetic rider. Your filly is really cute and seems to have a great attitude. Gotta love those TB's.
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    Apr. 30, 2009
    Currituck NC


    Thank you very much!

    I know the saddle is a bit small for me, I'm tall and have a hard time finding a saddle that is long enough for me in my price range. What exactly is the twist of the saddle? I have heard it mentioned, but I'm not sure exactly what is being referred too, and keep forgetting to ask.
    Thanks for the compliments on kissey, I'm very excited to see how she matures.

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    I found this excellent little bit on a website called "Does this saddle make my butt look big?" which also had more good info on fitting the saddle to the rider, if you want to look it up:

    "People often talk about whether a saddle has a wide or narrow “twist”. This refers to the width of the saddle tree at its narrowest part, right behind the pommel. For the rider, it refers to the width of the saddle between your upper thighs.

    The style of twist that is most comfortable for you depends on the shape and position of your pelvis, the way the femur is attached to it and the shape of the inner thigh muscle. If the twist of a saddle is too wide, you might feel stretched through your hips. Also, if have shorter legs, you might find that a narrower twist holds your leg too far away from the saddle."

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