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    Aug. 8, 2005

    Default 8 month old jumped out of his stall!

    Our 8 month pony colt who is suposed to be on stall rest after battling a joint infection and fracture in his fetlock (road rash from falling on blacktop driveway) decided to jump out of his stall this weekend. I was at the neighbors, look across my pasture, and see junior grazing up front! He is unharmed aside from a small hairless area on the front of his gaskin. Those hairs were found along the top of his dutch door where they were scraped off in the door-leaping process. Otherwise he seems unharmed.

    He has been really well behaved, and is used to being in a stall (even before his injury) So even though our doors are perhaps lower than your average dutch door, I never expected him to attempt exiting. Colt is 11.2 hh and the door is about 3'7 or 3'8.

    I did find it interesting that he came at our fence a while back and had himself set up to jump it. It was a section of the fenceline with the top board missing. He stopped at the last second before jumping, but I swear he was seriously thinking about going over. This colt is not bred to be a jumper either...but now I hope he stays pony so he can be a pony jumper! He already has an affinity for zooming around the barn at warp speed.

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    Mar. 10, 2006
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    When they are little, they are full of energy and ideas, yet there is very little weight/mass for them to have to move. For example, my step daughter, at age 10, could flex, flip and stand on her head in gymnastics class; now, even though she still can retain and recall the memory and idea of what she did then, moving her adult body around is not as easy, because of the changes in her weight, length of bone, sinew, and the muscle it takes to acomplish the same thing.

    My horse was named airborne because at 2 weeks, his owners had a grand time trying to keep him in a makeshift enclosure with hay bales, which they kept piline higher and higher, and which he sailed over until they quit at 6 bales high. He was bred to be a jumper, and he lives up to his name today at age 9, but its not unusual. The height of the stall door is what, 4 feet? Horses can rise to that standing still. Its us who think that's high.
    Airborne? Oh. Yes, he can take a joke. Once. After that, the joke's on you.

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    Feb. 23, 1999
    Cypress, near Houston, Texas


    Glad the little stinker is okay! This is the reason I don't like dutch doors or big windows without bars in stalls. I've seen some very serious injuries and still have nightmares of the time I got a frantic phone call from a neighbor who had bought a yearling from us that the filly had tried to jump out of her stall and was now hanging half in and half out with no feet on the ground.

    I grabbed the chainsaw and we had to cut the door down. It was awful to watch that filly struggle and then give up.
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