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    Feb. 18, 2009

    Default Which VA Hunt for Experienced Rider/Horse?

    I have hunted the past two seasons first field but the schedule for the hunt I've been with (and love) sadly isnt working for me. Ideally I would hunt 2x/wk during weekdays. Weekends are very hard for me to get too due to family obligations, although an occasional weekend is always a possibility.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out which hunt would be appropriate for me. I know it's great to cap around but I would like to use my money towards membership and have a schedule I can predict.

    My membership/ dues budget is at the most $2500.

    My foxhunter is almost perfect and will jump whatever (we have capped at Piedmont and we loved it).

    I hunt to challange myself with the spontinaity of the hunt, enjoy the countryside, and move along. I like to socialize, and the history of hunting is intriguing but I'm truly in it to ride.

    I live in between Middleburg and Leesburg.

    Helpful advice would be appreciate, membership dues vary so much I have no idea what each hunt costs. I am over 30yrs old so am not a junior or "young horseman" anymore in terms of membership discounts. I also am unsure about protocol for joining or getting invited to join a hunt.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Feb. 22, 2010


    You've got several hunts in your backyard and they are all different. Middleburg, Snickersville, Loudoun, Loudoun West, Piedmont, Orange County, Fairfax and more if you come south of Middleburg. I don't know what their fees are but you could start by calling the secretaries of the hunts.

    I'd cap in with some because while we all fox hunt, we all do it differently.

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    May. 20, 2003
    Middleburg, VA


    We have many hunts in the area. Your biggest limitation regarding the hunts closest to me will be your budget.

    Piedmont was, a few years ago, around $5k or more dues + a hefty initiation fee. They hunt Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Capping fee is $200.

    Orange Co., you need to own 50+ acres in the territory to join (or it's $5k/each acre you do not own), or be a "groom" of a member or join as an professional if you have a member who will sponsor you. They hunt Mon, Weds, and Sat. Capping fee is $200.

    Middleburg's (who I belong to) dues are around $2k for an individual membership, plus an initiation fee. They hunt Mon, Thurs, and Sat. Capping fee is $150.

    Snickersville is $1100 for an individual membership, but they have a waiting list currently of people trying to join. They hunt Weds and Sun. Capping fee is ~$75.

    I do not know what the prices/days are for Fairfax, Loudoun, or Loudoun West.

    The best way to go about joining a hunt is to contact the Hunt's Secretary.
    Cherry Blossom Farm - Show & Field Hunters, Side Saddles

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