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    Default Pet sitting gone unpaid?

    This is a what the heck should I do post.

    I took on a dog at the end of April for a long term petsitting job lasting until October. It was very last minute and I didn't have time to do up a contract, which is now biting me in the butt. The dog came without any records so I insisted that the dog have a rabies and be put on flea and heartworm preventative. This cost me $70 and it took a bit, but the lady that hired me sent me the money.

    Our agreement for the petsitting is $50/month, which she was supposed to pay each month. So she has never paid for any months at this point and she now owes me $250 - seriously this is the cheapest petsitting ever, not even minimum wage for the amount of care the dog requires, not to mention the food that I pay for to feed him. So this lady had made all sorts of excuses and everytime we have talked, "the check is on the way."

    Now if I was just out the money for the food and my time, it wouldn't be a big deal about not getting paid, but this dog also slaughtered $150 worth of my chickens while he was here so I want her to pay me so that I can at least break even for this summer.

    So now this lady won't return my texts or my phone calls. I am thinking that she is going to come back from their extended vacation in Kansas take the dog out of my yard without telling me and I'll never hear from them again.

    So what should I do? I want to try to sell the dog for what they owe me, but there is no contract and they could still show up to pick him up. I also thought maybe he could stay at my friend's house and I won't return him until they pay. I worry that my friend will get attached though and not want to return him.

    The dog owners are now noncommunicative so I don't know when they'll be back.

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    Mar. 18, 2007

    Default Abandoned animals law

    I'm guessing pup has been abandoned. Check with your local SPCA/shelter or lawyer for what constitutes "ownership" of the dog. He is probably "yours" because she has failed to provide for him and is out of contact. If this is the case, give him to your friend and let them live happily ever after. You can do the small claims thing for your money,
    but it is probably easier to just chalk it up to a lesson learned. Sorry about the chickens.

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    Um... I feel for you, I really do, but 2 things, and I'm sorry, I promise I'm not trying to be nasty, but....

    No time to do a contract is a poor excuse. It takes 2 minutes to write something on a napkin and get 2 signatures.

    And, 2nd, if the dog was under your care when he ate the chickens, I'd say that it your responsibility for not containing him, not hers.....

    I hope you get your money for the pet sitting....
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    You've gotten a little feedback, but we're going to have to close this thread as it's not horse-related.

    Best wishes for a positive solution!
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