BUT... i'm in love with eric lamaze and hickstead His ride was great to watch, broken foot and all, you could see that foot 'shivering' in the stirrup the whole course, and hickstead jumped around like the pro he is I'm canadian and biased, and think erics a sexy man tho lol

AND the girl that was jumped outta the tack! what a huge effort for both horse and rider!

was exciting to watch!! not to mention a bunch of us ammies gettin together to watch the show at home with a few drinks...

anybody else watch last night? The water sure gave a good chunk of the field a bad run tho... even a few horses jumping directly into it (felt like they were event horses just poppin into the water)

Then again, alot of the horses came back for the second round looking VERY tired, and a few of the rounds were scary to watch just becuz the horse looked to tired to really give a good effort.

Competition... great thing