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    Default Possible New Trail in Orange County, VA Sept 14 mtg w/county

    Got this email from about an impt meeting coming up
    This is all the info I have, seems like this could be pretty cool

    I got a phone call from Art Magner, owner of Breckinridge Carriages. He found our name (BBCH) in the Orange Review Supplement.

    He has been working with Montpelier and the Willow Grove Inn. This Inn is located on Route 15 North just outside the town of Orange. It is the beautiful yellow mansion on the left about a quarter of a mile past Food Lion. They would like to establish a trail between these two beautiful facilities. Breckinridge Carriages would give carriage rides between Montpelier and Willow Grove Inn. People could tour Montpelier and stay at the Inn or go to the Inn for lunch or dinner. Trail riders could use these trails, ride to Montpelier and come back to the Inn for a restful lunch. What an opportunity, great for riders and a great economic opportunity for Orange. The town of Orange is very receptive to this idea. The trail is partially in place, as this is a water line.

    Joshua Batmen, Director of Community Development/Town Planner for the Town of Orange is working hard on this project. I believe he has some other proposed trails in mind also.

    There is an Orange County Planning Commission meeting this Tuesday, September 14th 4 p.m. in the basement of the Gordon Building in Orange. Art is attending this meeting, presenting the Board of Supervisors with their plan. Marlene, our President, is planning to attend the meeting. .... We encourage you to attend and encourage the Board of Supervisors to approve this proposal. This is such a great opportunity for equestrians and the town of Orange.

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    Can you tell me what exactly is on the agenda for tomorrow? I didn't see anything related to trails on the BoS agenda.

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    Hi, well I kind of regret starting this thread because i am using second hand info. I was told it was a Planning Commission Meeting not a Bos meeting. Since I had to work my DH went to the 4PM meeting, it was not discussed there. Sort of wasted his time, hope that did not happen to any COTHer on my account.

    Afterwards, I got a note from the Backcountry Horsemen rep that said that the meeting was actually held at 7 PM and reported the following:

    "There were many landowners there wanting the land in question rezoned from residential to rural. That is the first step to get these trails. David Lamb was there, he gave a presentation in favor of it. Montpelier was represented. I think there is a good chance for this to happen. The next vote is October 12th. Hopefully, they will vote for rezoning which is the first step."

    So, maybe Orange County will have a public horse trail one of these days.
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    When I pull on my boots, I know who I am

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