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    Default Hoof Cracks/Care for Older Horse

    I have had the blessed opportunity to be apart of an adopt-a-horse program for older horses. I am currently taking care of a blind, 26 year old Tennessee Walking Horse named Bea and helping also with her companion (or boyfriend as I refer to him ), Diamond, a 32 year old Arabian.

    Bea's feet have come to my attention. They seem to be dry and there are a few small cracks. I have always been taught that the hoof makes the horse and that a small crack can turn into a bigger problem. There are a couple vertical ones that are small. Then there is a horizontal crack that is maybe a bit over an inch.

    Bea is not limping or showing any signs of the cracks bothering her. She is barefoot, but it is pretty dry around here. She is out in the pasture except for when she comes in in the mornings for a couple hours. I do not know about farrier care. I know we have one, but I am unsure of how often she gets seen by him.

    I am thinking I need to get some sort of foot dressing for her hooves. Is there anything else I should be worried about or doing for her? And until I can get a decent oil for her hooves, is there something I can do to help it?


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    Dry Hooves are good hooves-no oils or dressings.

    The horizontal crack is probably an old abscess exit and will grow down with time.

    The vertical cracks, if small, may be self trimming.

    If she is happy and comfy I would not worry just yet.

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    They can never become *too* dry? I just want to keep any potential problems at bay.

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    Hoof dressings really don't work. Maybe more frequent trims and a hoof supplement. I use Farrier's Formula Double Strength and have been very happy with it.

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    Dry is good.

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