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    Mayerthorpe, AB

    Default The Race is on 2006!

    Don't forget to send your pics in the the 2006 COTH foals to be added!!
    Edited for Aug 25th
    Colts=72 Fillies=95

    346 maple_brook's SPS Pakesa to Sandro Hit - colt
    346 Cashew4ever's Charlott to EB Sahdik - colt
    330 etosha's Balise to Welcome S - chestnut filly
    341 frenchie's Houle to Dauphin de Savinia - bay colt
    345 Marydell's Ultrarubin to Don Principe - bay colt
    343 frenchie's Vonives to Dauphin de Savinia - bay filly
    329 serena's Zerah to Whiskey - dark bay (may gray) filly
    367 JDufort's Van Van to Double Honor - colt
    339 Faiths CremelloWB's Golden Belle to Kings Randsom - cremello filly
    351 acottongim's Tanzania to Onasis - colt
    340 VolteVT's New Beginning's to Concerto Grosso - chestnut colt
    331 VolteVT's Dimple to Rienzi - chestnut filly
    365 bluemoonfarms's Donna Schufro to Fabuleux - bay colt
    319 ljshorses BA Aprils Folly to Art Deco - colt (deceased)
    349 Chef's Jade to Popeye K - chestnut colt
    346 Marydell's Rising Star to Don Principe - colt
    339 BelladonnaLily's Scarlett to Default - bay filly
    343 amdfarm's McKnight's Contessa to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black filly
    343 amdfarm's Spencer's Coal to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black filly
    334 amdfarm's Spencer's Holly to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black colt
    334 ljshorses Amayzing to Sempatico - bay/white filly
    333 ljshorses To Be Frank to Art Deco - chestnut filly
    283 BeastieSlave's Zardene to Braveheart - filly (deceased)
    329 amdfarm's Spencer's Shadow to Bar Y's Cool Nick - filly
    328 Daydream Believer's Lonesome Dancer to Cayuse Gold - bay roan filly
    341 Dressaginsf's WinterStarr to Fabuleux - bay filly
    329 7up's Paying for Daylight to Illusive Quest - chestnut overo filly
    355 7up's Moon Stories to Illusive Quest - bay overo filly
    357 ljshorses Pin Up to Mirabeau - palomino filly
    335 marex2's Romantica to Scimitar - chestnut colt
    313 Sonesta's First Encore to Tzigane - black filly with white blanket
    344 serena's Amy to TB - bay filly
    334 ljshorses Epic Believer to Contucci - chestnut filly
    334 Neighland's Mae to Corlando- filly
    347 bluemoonfarms's EM Roma I to Contendro - bay colt
    358 enavant's Crucial to Scimitar - bay (may gray) colt
    347 7up's Nashua Red to C Spot Go - chestnut sabino filly
    351 genevieveg17's Mabel to Toronto - dark bay colt
    331 Galileo1998's Whooo's So Special to Freedom Z - dark brown/gray filly
    328 Daydream Believer's Cheyenne Dog Soldier to Cayuse Gold - dun sabino colt
    337 VolteVT's Whitney to Rio Grande - bay filly
    335 etosha's Gabour to Scimitar - dark bay filly
    340 hackinaround's In A Pinch to Neptune - dark bay colt
    348 amdfarm's Daisy's Misty Topper to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black filly
    336 7up's Sassie Derby to C Spot Go - chestnut frame overo colt
    320 serena's Lady to TB - bay filly
    343 juliab's Young Man's Fancy to Navy Bird - chestnut colt
    335 Elio04's Belle to Balta'CZar - black filly
    345 mistyjewell's R Sassy Lady to Sempatico - black/white pinto colt
    327 Westbrooke's Hallelujah to Sempatico - dark bay/white pinto filly
    331 Westbrooke's Affirmation to Granulit - dark bay filly
    332 Daydream Believer's Blue Dancer to Cayuse Gold - palomino filly
    347 lukas1987's Jazz Goddess to Lukas - bay filly
    353 amdfarm's Madalyn to Spencers Curly Ben - bay colt
    336 VolteVT's Java Dawn to Rienzi - chestnut filly
    339 VolteVT's Laurel to Concerto Grosso - bay filly
    338 showjumpers66's Minnie to Sempatico - bay tobiano colt
    331 VolteVT's Odet II to Baladin d'Oc - chestnut filly
    329 k~2's Bold Carma to Legal Jousting - bay filly
    358 notforyouorme's Pacific Dawn to Indoctro - chestnut colt (deceased)
    342 Lily5453's Babalily to Riverman - colt
    326 amdfarm's Reba to Nick - black filly
    332 ljshorses Light Jo V to Happy Hour - dark bay filly
    341 Hillside H Ranch's Galoubet mare to Pablo - filly
    343 Tasker's Savannah to Weltmeyer - chestnut colt
    334 railmom's Bel Etrice to Pablo - light bay colt
    331 f4leggin's Rapunzel to Carpaccio - bay colt
    330 bluemoonfarms's EM Cela to Couleur Rubin - bay colt
    331 camohn's My Kickin Cass to Wild By Design - white filly
    327 sbp's Rianna to Sempatico - black/white pinto filly
    336 ljshorses Chips of Clay to Maxamillion - palomino colt
    324 Westbrooke's Ancore to Sempatico - dark bay/white pinto filly
    332 Espirit's Wynstorm to Sailor's Spirit - colt (deceased)
    331 Clarion's Lexus to Sempatico - bay/white pinto filly
    342 amdfarm's Lea to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black colt
    347 kt-rose's IdleHour Rosewood to Coconut Grove - chestnut filly
    344 Asmac's Raise The Standard to Baltic Sundance - dun colt with white blanket
    357 Krallen's Country Road to Landkoenig - bay filly
    345 Jellybean83's Amy to Westporte - chestnut filly
    335 Fred's Sadie to A Fine Romance - filly
    342 Faiths CremelloWB's Bobbyascot Bobby to Sato - palomino colt
    336 f4leggin's Casey to Cooper - chestnut colt
    335 serena's Cafe to Oxford - bay filly
    336 Cindy's Warmbloods Raven to Presley - black filly
    344 VolteVT's Hearsay to Arrian - bay colt
    335 VolteVT's Unmistaken Habit to Fabriano - chestnut filly
    340 VolteVT's Nakiska to Baladin d'Oc - bay colt
    331 VolteVT's Freya to Baladin d'Oc - dark bay filly
    342 VolteVT's Dom Perignon to Parabol - bay colt
    335 enavant's Parlez to Innkeeper - chestnut colt
    347 nsm's Frezia Ironman - chestnut colt
    344 nsm's Anaka to Ironman - dark bay filly
    319 Faiths CremelloWB's Fascination II to Mirabeau - palomino filly
    323 amdfarm's Shadow's Easter Lilly to Scooter's Grand Sun - black colt
    326 amdfarm's Spencer's Reba to Bar Y's Cool Nick - black filly
    344 Horsy Love's Special Touch to Feuertanzer - bay colt
    324 Esprit's Lovely Design to Sailor's Spirit - bay colt
    360 Galileo1998's Bold Kelly to Painful Pleasure - filly
    359 carolprudm's Blubonnet's Irish Evening to Glenlara - (deceased)
    342 Faiths CremelloWB's Windsome Gold to Mirabeau - buckskin filly
    327 Clarion's After Glow to Sempatico - pinto filly
    335 traklover's Kate to Winston - brown (grey) filly
    337 traklover's Damara to Prince Optimus - chestnut colt
    337 showjumpers66's Gazelle to Cathalido - bay filly
    331 TwinGates's PS Schoene Symphonie to Tzigane - bay filly
    344 Tasker's Sabrina's ET x Waldaire - chestnut filly
    356 talloaks's Felice to Sandro Hit - bay colt
    352 7up's Fiesteco to C Spot Go - chestnut sabino colt
    337 7up's Country Graffiti to C Spot Go - chestnut colt
    343 7up's Promessa to C Spot Go - chestnut sabino colt
    324 lukas1987's Jacartas Alibi to Lukas - bay colt
    329 VolteVT's Priceless to Noble Champion - bay filly
    329 VolteVT's Giacomina to Baladin d'Oc - chestnut filly
    332 nsm's Edelkarina to Ironman - dark bay filly
    331 HSGFarm's Friday's Next to VDL Prestige - chestnut filly
    320 traklover's Mandy to Fuer - colt
    324 Tasker's Amelia to Waldaire - dark chestnut filly
    334 Faiths CremelloWB's Erotic Twist to Sato - buckskin colt
    341 Twinkletozzz's Master to Paparazzo - bay filly
    337 sbp's Ledina to Grande Leviticus - black (may grey) colt
    351 genevieveg17's Kitten to Paparazzo - chestnut filly
    336 amdfarm's Katie's Invitation to Red Hot Commodity - chestnut colt
    326 Tasker's As You Wish to Waldaire - dark bay filly
    331 FaithsCremelloWB's Adorable to Sato - loud sabino colt
    358 serena's Royale to Oxford - dark bay colt
    345 pintopiaffe's InnisFaeth to Spook Skippa Ghost - buckskin tobiano colt
    332 Tasker's Abracadabra to Waldaire - chestnut colt
    344 quiet*equine*'s Whiskey to A Fine Romance - buckskin pinto filly
    331 tarragon's Tarragon to De Laurentis - chestnut filly
    339 Sonesta's Diende to Pablo - filly
    341 Cashew4ever's Cashew to Guaranteed Gold - palomino filly
    335 VolteVT's Kalanta to Baladin d'Oc - chestnut filly
    347 Tasker's Achtung Again to Waldaire - chestnut filly
    341 flyingharp's Bonnie Belle Supreme to Huntingfield Proud Tim - chestnut colt
    333 Vandenbrink's Allie to Ikoon - bay filly
    Leena's Lorraine to Oxford - bay filly
    334 showjumpers66's Reno to Sempatico - colt
    344 showjumpers66's Carlasona to Landwerder - filly
    367 amdfarm's Baby Don't Cry to Spencers Curly Ben - bay/black filly
    329 Faiths CremelloWB's Sunny Kat to Sato - filly
    312 Faiths CremelloWB's Ullala to Mirabeau - buckskin filly
    graystone farm's SPS Indullah to Autocrat - filly
    graystone farm's Siegi to Paparazzo - filly
    354 genevieveg17's Leagro to Radikal - bay colt
    343 Sacha's Desert Storm III to Festivo - tobiano colt
    364 Dragonfyne's Lady Suzanne to Sailor's Spirit - bay filly
    335 Kim's Mia to Sailor's Spirit - bay filly
    347 etosha's Walhalla to Donatelli - dark bay filly
    320 Iluvgoldies's Porcelain CF to Cor Noir - colt
    328 Longleaf's Allie to Feuertanzer - bay colt
    324 Faiths CremelloWB's Katia to Mirabeau - palomino colt
    331 Clarion's Rose to Sempatico - bay tobiano colt
    325 Dreamriver's Emma to Ironman - filly
    Dreamwork's Saretta to Ironman - grey colt
    WhiteOakFarm's Brilliance to Ironman - grey filly
    WhiteOakFarm's Of Council to Ironman - grey paint colt
    358 genevieveg17's Essie to Paparazzo - bay filly
    329 Quinn's Meredith to Rio Grande - filly
    320 Faiths CremelloWB's Justlikemymom to Mirabeau - palomino filly
    313 Faiths CremelloWB's Maika My Dinner to Sato - bay filly
    344 Cindy's Warmbloods Nicole to Freestyle - bay colt
    355 Faiths CremelloWB's Krissy to Mirabeau - palomino colt
    331 sixpoundfarm's Krista to Coromino - bay colt
    331 Riva's Riva to Chorizo - filly
    336 SandyUHC's Cupids Love to Alainn Shawn - dark bay colt
    333 serena's Distinctive to Oxford - chestnut filly
    336 amdfarm's Sera to Spencers Curly Ben - colt
    334 amdfarm's Kolacky Kapital Koncertina to Spencers Curly Ben - black filly
    338 Simrat's Choctaw Lily to Paisano - dun sabino colt

    333 Jaymee's Ghitana to Ironman
    Last edited by Cindy's Warmbloods; Aug. 24, 2006 at 11:56 PM.
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    Jun. 27, 2003


    Spacely -
    ShBelle to Literati 5/20/06
    We are at day 242 today!

    Thanks for doing this!

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    Ontario, Canada


    Both of my mares at 282 days in foal.

    Whooo's So Special to Freedom Z
    Bold Kelly to Painful Pleasure

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    Cypress, near Houston, Texas


    Our mares:

    04/15/06 - Knabstrupper First Encore x Tzigane = day 257
    04/17/06 - Hanoverian Diende x Pablo = day 259
    04/19/06 - Oldenburg Drifter x Sempatico = day 261

    Lots of sleepless nights all in a row for us.
    Visit Sonesta Farms website at or our FaceBook page at Also showing & breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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    North East, MD


    I'll is my list and at how many days prego they are to day 2/11/06 and using 340 as the due date:

    LJS mares:
    Pin Up to Mirabeau due 3/7/06 = 316
    To Be Frank to Art Deco due 3/25/06 = 298
    Amayzing to Sempatico due 3/26/06 = 299
    BA Aprils Folly to Art Deco due 4/2/06 = 290
    Epic Believer to Contucci due 4/4/06 = 288
    Chips of Clay to Maxamillion due 4/25/06 = 267
    Light Jo V to Happy Hour due 4/25/06 = 267

    This is so much fun, can't wait to see everyone's babies

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    Jun. 1, 2003
    The Shake and Bake State


    S'cuse me for just a second...

    Sonesta, keep me posted on the Tzigane baby. I'd love to hear more of what he is producing.

    Thanks guys...
    ~Amy~ TrakehNERD clique
    *Bugs 5/86-3/10 OTTB Mare* RIP lovely Lady, I miss you
    *Frodo '03 Anglo Trakehner Gelding*
    My Facebook

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    Cypress, near Houston, Texas


    Bugs, you can watch it LIVE on our foals cams!
    Visit Sonesta Farms website at or our FaceBook page at Also showing & breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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    You know I will if I can get it to work on my computer, my puter is moody!
    ~Amy~ TrakehNERD clique
    *Bugs 5/86-3/10 OTTB Mare* RIP lovely Lady, I miss you
    *Frodo '03 Anglo Trakehner Gelding*
    My Facebook

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    Scarlett to Default 3/08/06

    She is day 305 today! I based her "due date" on the days she went with her last foal...331. Her 340 due date is March 17th I think.

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    ~~~Virginia Horse Country~~~


    I'll play!!! I only have one coming this year and that is Felice in foal to Sandro Hit and is at day 257. 04-15-06 ---"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." --- Winston Churchill

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    Nov. 28, 2003


    I have two babies on the way-both embryo transfers and both out of my Galoubet mare. The Pablo baby is 275 days today and the Landkonig is 261 today!
    Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."
    --Winston Churchill

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    We have three foals coming for 2006:

    Balise is in foal to Welcome S due 2/26/06 and is at day 325

    Ava Gabour is in foal to Scimitar due 4/8/06 and is at day 283

    Walhalla is in foal to Donatelli due 5/28/06 and is at day 234
    Heather Quinn
    Ledgemere Hanoverians

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    Jun. 27, 2003


    My turn to interrupt...HillsideH, did you foal yet?

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    Apr. 27, 2004
    Deep in the Heart of TX!


    PS Schoene Symphonie is in foal to Tzigane, due 5/15. Now at day 247. Need advice on foaling cams (everything . . . where to get 'em, which work best w/o paying a fortune . . .)
    Owner of ATA and Verband-Approved Trakehner stallion, Tzigane *Pb*, breeder of ATA-approved Semper Fidelis

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    Feb. 10, 2005
    East of Hotlanta


    Count me in!
    Only waiting for 1 foal this year:

    Romantica in foal to Scimitar, as of today she is at day 304, expected? due date 3/29.

    Thanks for "picking up the reins" for us all....

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    Feb. 16, 2005


    Bel Etrice to Pablo at day 271 today! Boy there sure are some nice foals on the way!

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    Jul. 6, 2004
    The Redneck Riviera


    Only one due this year - and she is a mare that I bought in foal so I know the aprox due date, around the last week of Feb to mid March. I believe that she is at around day 326 now???

    Mare is Tanzania and she is bred to Onasis
    Emerald Acres standing the ATA Approved Stallion, Tatendrang. Visit us at our Facebook Farm Page as well!

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Oooh, having a list makes it seem like babies are fast approaching!! I used 340 days and Feb 11th for the date...

    Here is our list:

    277 days Savannah to Weltmeyer EDD 4/15
    258 days Aly Alice to Waldaire EDD 5/4
    257 days Sabrina (ET) to Waldaire EDD 5/5
    246 days Achtung Again to Waldaire EDD 5/13
    235 days As You Wish to Waldaire EDD 5/25
    235 days Amelia to Waldaire EDD 5/25
    235 days Abracadabra to Waldaire EDD 5/25
    214 days Sabrina to Fabriano EDD 6/15

    Whew! That is going to be a lot of sleepness nights...for now I will pretend that mares foal during the afternoon or late morning!

    One question, though - should I list the recip mare who is carrying Sabrina's baby by name or just refer to 'Claire' as Sabrina's ET?? I do feel bad - she is carrying quite a large baby! Apparently a filly from what the vets saw on her ultrasounds!! So exciting!! Thank you for taking on the challenge of a list.

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    Oct. 9, 2003
    Nokesville, VA USA


    I only have one foal due in 2006 but it will be my stallion's first and my very first completely homebred TB foal.

    Young Man's Fancy to Navy Bird: 297 days in foal and due end of March.
    Julia in Nokesville, VA

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    Mar. 1, 2005
    Vancouver, BC


    268 days Amy (Belisar x Actueel) to Westporte (Wolkentanz x Fabriano)


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