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    seriously time to install 6ft no climb on the three sides that border their property -- with hotwire on top
    Nothing says "I love you" like a tractor. (Clydejumper)

    The reports states, “Elizabeth reported that she accidently put down this pony, ........, at the show.”

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    Also, keep in mind that the neglectful parents are the first to sue a property owner when their little munchkins get hurt. You could easily end up paying medical bills and damages if they keep coming over. I would also make a police complaint about threatening phone calls from the fools.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Great idea Partita. Even those of us who like opera don't like it late at night or early in the morning, over and over and over.
    And bagpipes, wow, if OP can just get some of her own, and not rely on a recording, she can "learn" how to play.
    Ditto with an accordian or a violin.
    Ebay must have some bargains.
    I have some good friends who are taking their now 7yr old son to violin lessons. When he is home to practice, their 2 dogs howl along with him... Too bad they aren't closer to you as I am willing to bet mom would loan you the trio any day!!

    On a serious note.. Definitely start documenting and its time to start playing hardball. Dad has you labeled as the neighborhood b**** and he will now start being less considerate of your property and peace. Post your property lines with very obnoxious and obvious no trespassing signs and do not let your guard down. I would make it clear that the children are not welcome on your property, especially without your expressed permission and supervision, and send them a certified notice this. Absolutely no tolerance. You gave them an inch, they took the mile.

    If you're looking into outdoor speakers, you'll make the best impact with a surround sound system that is powered by a receiver. For our Gawd awful neighbors, we found a cheap system at a pawn shop for under $80 and it came with 5 speakers. We had some TERRIBLE neighbors at our MI property and were on the verge of an "outdoor NASCAR party" - and we don't like nascar at all! We planned to have a projector set up on the side of the barn for race viewing pleasure with a full surround sound system. We ended up moving due to jobs, so this never became a reality.

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    I did not mention to dad about the concern for falling screws/nails in my pasture...I don't want to give them any ideas.

    Unfortunately, the ability to put up a no climb or chain fence or even a privacy fence is pretty exorbant money. We are talking probably close to a 1,000 feet.
    Also, this is new england, so its rocky, one area is on a embankment, etc. I would if I could regardless of the expense.

    I was concerned friday nite/saturday am when the horses were just not settling. It was way too much noise and music. I don't think its music, but the people shouting and talking that gets the horse upset. I liken it to my brother, who has hearing loss, and the hearing aid in crowded places picks up too much noise. Its very loud, because I also think its amplified due to the hill and accoustics.

    I will be investing in a loud boombox for next spring to drown out the screams of the children. I like NPR, the horses are use to it, and I also like Charlotte church, botticelli, those kind of musicians...I will be playing that pretty regularly next spring.

    In the meantime, I am going to mind my own business...when something is done, I will just go and file a police report.
    I don't want or need to engage them. Dad, who I find it interesting called me after I spoke to his wife(what reason would he call me other than to try and bully me down) to tell me or try and make me think I am a horrid person for not liking parties or kids screaming or building tree forts on my trees. He is entitled to his opinion and although I have not raised kids, I also haven't lived or taught in schools with ear plugs on and been around tons of kids who do not act like this.

    I do appreciate the support, and feel so sorry for anyone else going through this. I have always believed its important to have good neighbors and to be a good neighbor. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. Thats life.

    I usually in real life try and find the path of least resistance. I have too much on my plate and bottom line, it isn't healthy to be stressed. However, in this situation, I think the person who said, fight fire with fire, sometimes you don't want to catch so many flies(you catch more flies with honey), is perfectly right. It is not fair or right for me to have to be subjected to their level of noise. Soooo, next spring I am preparing for music to be heard throughout my property. Horses certainly will find it interesting...aren' there studies out there about classical music calming them down?
    In the meantime, I am still researching stinky smells to curb their outside pleasure.

    Thanks again for the support, and for anyone else with lousy neighbors...God Bless is truly the worse.
    save lives...spay/neuter/geld

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    Hotwire and game cameras are cheap.

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