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    Default Saddle Musings. Thoughts?

    I have a two year old horse who I haven't backed yet. But I know his back will be changing a lot over the next few years.

    I have 2 saddles. A Crosby Hunterdon that I bought new when I was 23 (back in '93) and I used to love it, but now after my many years of dressage, I just sit too deeply to be comfortable in it if I ride more than an hour. I bought a cashel cushion for me, but it's danged uncomfortable.

    My other saddle is a Keifer dressage saddle, which isn't as practical for the trail riding and jumping I've been doing lately. But the seat is much more comfy.

    I have access to a few horses and I'm taking lessons while my baby grows up. So I have a need for a good saddle now. I'm contemplating getting a new/used saddle. One of the more newfangled supper comfy butt-loving jumping saddles.The advantage of the Hunterdon is that it fits almost every horse because it's so basic.

    But would I be shooting myself in the foot to buy a new saddle now when I have no idea what my horse's back will look like in a year? A local tack shop had a used Bates with an adjustable tree that just looked like a sofa. It was super adjustable and the right size for me. And now I'm thinking about it.

    I should wait, right??

    Somehow my inner ten year old seems to have stolen my chequebook!

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    If you can afford the Bates without denting the budget, buy it - it will always be useful to someone, even if it isn't you.

    Otherwise, save your pennies and buy a fitted saddle to your youngster only when it becomes imperative to do so. Remember that most saddles fit most horses, and go from there.

    Just an opinion from someone who's never spent more than $700 for a saddle, ever.
    In loving memory of Laura Jahnke.
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